Reach out on World Suicide Prevention Day 2018


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September). What can YOU do to make a difference? 

One is one too many

5,821 people in the UK lost their lives to suicide in 2017. This is down only lightly from 2016, with 5,965 deaths.

Most of us will know someone who has taken or attempted to take their own life.

Every suicide is one too many and it’s up to us all to do what we can to help prevent deaths by suicide.

Two thirds have ‘no-one to talk to’

In a survey in January this year, around two thirds of the adults polled said they did not feel they had someone to talk to about personal issues in their lives – such as mental heath, money problems and relationships.

The main reason given was that they could never find the right time or place.

Make time to talk

Maybe you know someone – a friend, a family member, a colleague – who is struggling and you’re worried they may have suicidal feelings.

Make today the day you reach out to them and make time and space to give them the opportunity to talk.

Listen. Talk openly and honestly. Don’t judge. Help to enable them to seek support and find solutions.

Most of all, don’t be afraid – let them know it’s okay not to be okay and that you are there for them.

Guidance on talking about suicidal feelings

For more guidance on talking to someone about mental health and suicidal feelings, visit the Mind website.

Support if YOU have suicidal feelings

If you have suicidal feelings yourself, please know that there are people who want to support you because you deserve help. Please talk to someone you know, visit your GP, call the Mind helpline on 0300 123 3393 or call the Samaritans on 116 123.

For more information and advice, visit the Samaritans website


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