No ‘Moody Blues’ for self serve shoppers at Poundland

Elvis - Poundland

No 'Moody Blues' for self serve shoppers at Poundland! - Read Here:

Posted by B31 Voices on Saturday, 15 September 2018

Customers at selected Poundland stores have been left confused and questioning their hearing (sanity!) when the voice of Elvis greets them at the self serve counters. 

Since Elvis passed away in 1977 of a heart attack, there’s been countless reports of sightings of the King – from cruising in the Baltic Sea, to serving at the local chippy – but evidence has always favoured that he did indeed die.

However, when B31 Voices reader Andrea Lee Devaney asked‎: “Can anyone tell me why the self service checkouts in Poundland Longbridge now have Elvis talking to you? I swear someone was recording me earlier to see my reaction 😂” – we did have ‘Suspicious Minds’.

It’s true, Andrea wasn’t hearing things nor was she crazy as a coconut, as you pass your 4 pack of flickering tea lights (or other bargains) through the checkout, you’ll be greeted by the familiar voice – which in our opinion is enough to make even the ‘Wooden Heart’ of a ‘Hard Headed Women’ jump with joy!

Poundland’s UK & Ireland managing director Barry Williams told the Express and Star: “It was Always on My Mind to bring Elvis to Poundland. We are excited to see the reaction in store. Elvis’ voice is instantly recognisable, and we hope Poundland’s playful humour is too.”

He also hinted that Elvis might not be the last celebrity voice on the checkouts when he  added: “Shoppers will have to wait and see which legend with be joining the Poundland self-checkout hall of fame next.”

Who is the voice?

Even though we would love it if it really was really Elvis (I’m a big fan!), sadly it’s not. Poundland’s decision-makers enlisted Britain’s Got Talent semi finalist, impersonator   Darren Altman.

On his Facebook page Darren said: “If you’re popping into Poundland, you may hear Elvis Presley talking to you at the self-service checkouts. It was an honour to be asked to voice The King!”

What B31 Voices readers said!

Suzi Emma Byrne: “I wondered [what] was goin on today in Northfield Poundland”

Laura Wagstaff: “Anthony Ballard I told you they were singing to me the other day!! Xx”

Marie Stevens: “The ones in Halesowen does too…I don’t like it”

Gemma Freeman: “I think it’s brilliant. Thankyou, Thankyou very much lol. Made me chuckle”

Whether being served by the pelvis swaying legend leaves you ‘All Shook Up’ or with ‘A Big Hunk O’Love’ for the high-street giants, one thing is for sure, Elvis hasn’t left the building just yet.

Thank you very much!



  1. I look forward to hearing this at Poundland, Longbridge. With all the horrible things that go on in the world, I think we could all do with something to make us smile.


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