Last chance for local young people to stand in Youth Police & Crime Commissioner elections

PCC David Jamieson with some of the previous Youth Commissioners

As the deadline for nominations draws close, young people across the West Midlands are being urged to put themselves forward as candidates to become Youth Commissioners, to advice the Police and Crime Commissioner on issues affecting children and teenagers.

Nominations close this Friday (28th September) and those who put themselves forward face an election where their peers get to vote and decide.

This is an opportunity for young people –aged 14 to 16 years – to liaise with the PCC, police officers and decision makers and influence decisions made about crime, justice and victim services.

There will be sixteen Youth Commissioners elected – two for each of the 8 policing units across the West Midlands, including Birmingham West.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson said: “The sixteen elected Youth Commissioners will have a really important job. It is their responsibility to keep me up to speed with the views, concerns and worries of young people.

“I rely on these Commissioners to tell me when problems emerge so I can ensure something is done. They are my eyes and ears on the ground and play a crucial role in keeping everyone safe.”

Once nominations are in, the election voting period will run from 2nd October until 16th October. The results of the election will be announced on 17th October.

Connor Fowler has been a Youth Commissioner for the last two years, he said: “My time as a Youth Commissioner has been invaluable.

“It is great to be the voice in your community that represents other young people.

“I’ve presented in front of the PCC and Chief Constable, been on regional TV and have had hundreds of conversations with people of my age.

“The role really empowers young people to challenge our police service and to stand up to those around them.”

If you are 14-18 and wish to put yourself forward, you still have time (just!) to download an application form, fill it in and submit it, along with a quick video profile and YOU could soon be representing young people in your area.



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