Date for speed limit change on major south Birmingham route CONFIRMED


After months of confusion for local motorists, Birmingham City Council have today confirmed the date that the speed limit on a major south Birmingham route will be reduced from 40mph to 30mph.

A council spokesman confirmed that the new 30mph speed limit – on the A38 between Northfield and Rubery and also on Lickey Road – will come into force on Wednesday 19th September.

The change comes as part of the Longbridge Connectivity Project which aims to: “improve transport links to and from Longbridge, revitalise the local economy and support the regeneration of the town centre.”


Speculation began in early June, as signs for the speed reduction began to be put in place. Road users were unsure in the new speed limit was in force and were concerned about speed cameras leading to fines being issued.

In a statement, Birmingham City Council clarified that the signage had to be put in place and assessed before applying for the removal of the 40mph Traffic Regulation Order which would allow the speed to be reverted to the urban standard of 30mph.

The statement said that the change was expected to happen in mid to late July.

To help with confusion, the council’s contractors covered signs which proclaimed ‘New Speed Limit in Force’ with black plastic.


However, as July and August passed there was still no clear indication on when the new speed limit would come into effect.

Now in early September, the only clue that the speed limit has not yet reduced is that one of the red ‘New Speed Limit’ signs by Longbridge Social Club remains covered.

So today, B31 Voices asked Birmingham City Council to clarify the change and delays.

Confirming 19th September as the date for the change, a council spokesman said that minor issues with the signage had held up the change of the Traffic Regulation Order.

He said: “The delay was due to some minor signage amendments being required to ensure that the scheme was fully compliant.”

Some overhanging branches which were obscuring new speed limit signs also had to be trimmed.

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  1. Surely this will just increase the traffic on Edgewood Rd and Leach Green Lane? The traffic is too much already on these roads. There is a lot of pollution, they are a danger to cross and drivers can be very abusive fighting to get passed parked cars on Leach Green. Also, the X20 means no National Express buses on Leach Green, residents on Cliff Rock getting a massive bus going down their narrow road, so this transport policy is rubbish. Council should be ashamed at their lack of vision.

  2. Don’t see a reason to slow this road down but more to the point which cleaver councillor thought it was a good idea to put a filter Lane in the longbridge island on a short run accident wait to happen….

    Full on clown 🤡

    • The same clever person who decided it was a good idea to put a filter lane on Longbridge Lane at the Turves Green/Coombes Lane junction. The first time I used it, I had someone on the left hand side of me decide he was not going to let me filter in and I had to partially go onto the opposite side of the road otherwise he would have hit the side of my car – fortunately, there was no traffic coming the other way. This is my main route home and I am now going the long way around for fear of this happening again. I agree with others, why change a two and in some places three lane main road in either direction to 30 miles an hour. I can see why Lickey Road may be better at 30, as that is where the majority of accidents have happened over the years, but the A38 is a main route and should stay at 40. I despair with the decisions being taken around Longbridge lately.

  3. Birmingham city council haven’t got a clue ,Cotteridge for example, it wasn’t good for traffic but at least it kept moving , then someone in planning decided to close down the carriageways to single file traffic causing gridlock at all times including roads into Cotteridge , they did the same thing at the Green , so children are choking on car fumes going to and from school, I emailed the council and asked who had made the decision but they didn’t reply !

  4. Mark LEVETT I totally Agree. From Lickey Road side of the roundabout to get into one lane in that short distance is, as you say, an accident waiting to happen. If it becomes a fatality, get to the Coroners Court and state what you and I have said. Someone needs to be accountable for this lunacy!!


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