Update: Dinner With Rosie @ ‘Nick’s Sandwich Bar’ Winner – Michael Vagmen Evans. Thank you to everybody who entered and those who liked, shared and commented! – and of cause Rosie and Nick!

If you’ve ever passed ‘Nick’s Sandwich Bar’ on the A38 heading towards Bromsgrove and the Lydiate Ash island, you may not recall a lady with a baby sitting at a table – but if you pass frequently, you probably will have noticed that she’s always there, come rain or shine!

No, it’s not because she’s a fast food addict who simply can’t get enough of Nick’s moorish offerings (burger, fried onions and plenty of sauce, lush!). Nor is it that she’s an irresponsible parent who can’t bothered to take her little one to nursery! She is simply a mannequin!

That’s right, the familiar figure next to ‘Nick’s Sandwich Bar’ is a comfortably dressed plastic humanoid named ‘Rosie’, and according to Nick:”She always has a smokey bacon and sausage sandwich and a cup of tea”.

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Rosie enjoying New Year last year!

This perfectly still seat occupier has been a talking point for the past 8 years locally, with some labelling it as a clever business gimmick, some thinking it’s fabulous bit of fun, some say it’s weird and others are completely spooked by her presence!

But it’s not just local residents and passersby who’ve been interested in Rosie. Nick explained how she has received lots of visitors over the years, including Police, concerned councillors, social services and even immigration!

We’ve heard that Nick does not always explain the situation until the confused enquirers have gone over to attempt to have a chat!

Amongst feeding and entertaining customers, Nick is also a supporter of the homeless and hosted a Ruberyfields open mic fundraising event in July which raised an impressive £600 for the Sunday Breakfast club. The next event is planned for a week before Christmas.

Nick’s Sandwich Bar is open 7:30am – 3:30pm seven days a week, so if you fancy having a bite to eat and a chat with Rosie (and Nick!) pop along. Oh and while you’re there, see if you can spot one of the monkeys in the trees! We’re told they are friendly :-)

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What B31 Voices readers said:

Reyn Reyn: “Does anyone know the story behind this mannequin sitting in the lay-by just outside Rubery? Creeps me out every time I pass by 😮”

Christine Lowndes: “I love this idea. My Mom and I thought she was real until one day it was raining and we looked closer. 😌”

Trish Isha Taylor: “I thought she was real for ages, I was like damn she likes them sausages sandwiches she is there every day!! 😂😂”

Amy Davis: “Once I saw “her” in the pouring rain with the pushchair… I rang my partner to say wtf if she playing at 😂”

Voni Lawper: “I didn’t realise she had a matching baby doll too! Now can someone get the poor thing some new leggings?”

Pearl Marshall: “I thought it was real for a long time I’m sure the pushchair with doll is more recent thou. I used to drive past and think poor thing there again Wots she waiting for lol”

Susan Marshall: “I’m happy now, to be able to see her. I will have to stop one day and have a cuppa ☕️ and a burger 🍔 with her.”

David Hemmings: “She comes alive at night. 👹 Beware of the moon”

Sue Edwards: “stopped here for a sandwhich and the guy got me to take a can of pop to her lol 😊😊😊😊😊”

Faye McCahon: “We stopped for breakfast for one morning , waiting for it, I looked over and I said to my partner, why is that lady just sitting there…. Waited for five minutes no movement, I was just about to go over and see if she was ok lol until it twigged that she wasn’t real… glad I didnt go over I would have s*** myself….:

Kelvin Carol Greaves: “Yes we where fooled for a long time until her hood had blew of one day when we went passed so you could see it was a dummy. Fantastic idea lol.”

Karen Hall: “Very weird no lickey”

Andy Jennings: “Went there with one of the lads from work I told him to get the homeless lady a coffee… He did and took it over.. I won’t say what his reply was 😂😂😂😂😂”

Natalie Cooper: “I first saw her when returning to work after maternity leave and for two weeks drove past and and worried about her lonleyness and welfare So on my way into work the following morning I pulled in to see if she wanted to talk to me or if I could help her some how lmao!! 🙋😂😂”

Whatever you think of Rosie, she’s certainly had people talking over the years – Kim Cattrall needs to move aside, because Rosie is the number 1 mannequin!

We will leave the last word to B31 Voices reader –

Lindsey Hulse: “I think she’s alright”

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• Email your ‘Selfie with Rosie’ to: competitions@b31.org.uk
• Post in comments.

The winner will be chosen by B31 Voices and Nick. Competition closes 11:59pm – 9th September 2018.

(Cover Image of Rosie: Coffee Queen‎)


  1. I did originally think she was a “real” regular, but then it dawned on me she always sat in the same position on the bench along with her buggy pram. And finally the light in my dim brain finally came on and I realised she was a mannequin!

    A very novel idea,and in some respects quite artistic. If Gateshead can have the “Angel of the North”, Birmingham: the “Iron Man” and London: “Big Ben”, then we can have “Brekkie with Rosie” :)


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