The gift shop which offered a wide variety of unique cards, gifts and more has ceased trading from it’s Longbridge home.

Bentleys originated in Stourport in 1953 and was a much welcomed arrival to the newly developed town centre in 2016.

The store became popular amongst shoppers, Clare Mann gave the store 5 Stars last March on their Facebook page saying: “The shop is wonderful beautiful gift ideas and large selection of cards the staff are always friendly and welcoming”

The Development Director at St Modwen, Chris Newsome, said: “We can confirm that Bentley’s has been served with a notice to vacate its premises in Longbridge Town Centre.”

The popular Gift Shop, which can also be found at its City Centre location in the Great Western Arcade, has left some local residents disappointed with its closure – Gemma Cartwright said on B31 Voices Facebook: “Really missed Bentleys Shop today in Longbridge town was looking for that extra special gift.”

Bentleys haven’t officially provided us with a response, however a source has laid fault of a poor footfall for its closure which leaves Longbridge with a vacant premise.



  1. I am surprised any retailer can keep their heads above water, with the exorbitant rents they have to pay. Brings the rents down and you might just stop shops having to close down and then sit there empty.

  2. Cant see that the poor footfall as holding water. Bentley’s has always been quite busy . Longbridge is in its embryo stage at present. However landlords are greedy and should take into account the time the place will be empty for and how it will deter others from wanting to set up shop. Northfield seems to be going downhill and Bromsgrove, a short ride away seems on the up and gives the impression of catering for all. I hops Longbridge does not fall before it finds its feet. Come on you captsins of industry work something out.

  3. Well so much for plenty of jobs for everyone like the government preached about on the closure of longbridge plant.
    The only ones making money are the greedy fat cats they dont give two stuffs for the shop keepers there doomed for failure i think .

  4. Sad to see this great shop go..just what the area needed a highly quality business with very helpful staff….the store always looked amazing inside !
    Why dont landlords work with tenants to make it work !!
    Very short sighted in my opinion


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