Bournville rocked by ‘theft’ of 70 painted stones from display

The original Traffic Jam started by Lynn

Families in Bournville were shocked to find that their beautiful painted rocks had disappeared from a display on Bournville Village Green this morning (Tuesday 11th September).

Bournville Rocks is one of many local groups throughout the UK whose members decorate, hide, seek and re-hide creatively decorated stones. Like many, they share their creations and finds on a Facebook group.

Each month, Bournville Rocks members are set a new theme with which to decorate their rocks. The rocks are added to a display along the wall at the edge of the green in Sycamore Road. Many of the rocks are decorated by children.

This month’s theme is transport and by yesterday evening, around 70 perfectly painted pebbles had been laid out as part of the ‘Traffic Jam’ on the wall. Rock designs included cars, bikes, camper vans, a mobility scooter, a camel, a Tardis and even a Millennium Falcon!

Just the sign remaining | Photo Laura Bradley

However, when group members looked this morning, all of the rocks had disappeared, leaving only the sign on the wall.

Bournville Rocks group administration Lynn Mason said: “[We were] hoping for a good display for Heritage open day on Saturday. Over 70 beautifully painted stones (mainly by children) were taken last night. We are devastated.”

But the group are not going to accept defeat. Undeterred, members have begun the mission of replacing the stones with great enthusiasm. Please feel free to add your own but PLEASE do not remove any!

If you have any information on the disappearance of the rocks, please get in touch! Here’s hoping they sneak back onto the wall in the night, like nothing ever happened….



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