Weoley man (plus one!) to crawl up Mount Snowdon for third year running!

Mick crawling up Snowdon in 2017

A Weoley Castle man will be crawling up Mount Snowdon for the third year running to raise funds for a Selly Park hospice – but this year he will have some company! 

Michael Carruthers, 42, first scaled the 1085 metre (3560 feet) high Welsh peak on his hands and knees in 2016 to thank St Mary’s Hospice in Selly Park, who had supported his mother, Mary, and his family until she passed away.

A thai boxer who hits the gym daily, Mick isn’t one to choose the easy option, so he decided to challenge himself to CRAWL up the highest peak in Wales.

After successfully completing his first crawl, Mick became what he believes to be the only person to have crawled up the Welsh peak twice (on purpose, anyway!) by repeating the feat last October!

So far Mick has raised around £2300 for St Mary’s but he still wants to do more, so this year he’s doing it for a THIRD time – and this time he’s not going it alone!

Chris & Nicky with Milly

He’ll be joined by his friend Chris Millard, 36, who was moved to join Mick’s challenge to raise funds for Acorns Children’s Hospice. Chris’ daughter Milly, 2, was born with hydrocephalus and dextrocardia and also suffers from epilepsy. The family benefit from the support of Acorns in dealing with Milly’s life-shortening conditions.

The pair – supported by friends Ryan Bird and Casey – will be crawling up the mountain’s Llanberis Path over 2 to 3 days from 21st October 2018.

You can sponsor the pair online:





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