A fast food restaurant owner has submitted a planning application to turn an historic Northfield pub into a drive thru KFC restaurant, after years of doubt about the future of the listed building.

Splendid Restaurants Colonel, a subsidiary of the Splendid Hospitality Group, already owns 18 KFC stores it acquired from KFC in 2017.

Plans submitted to BCC

The proposal would see the main building becoming a restaurant, with the drive thru facility accessible through an entry / exit off Bristol Road South, with an additional exit in to Tessall Lane.

Developers say that the change would bring around 60 jobs to the area.

The King George V public house was built un 1935 for Mitchell and Butlers, designed by John Burgess Surman in a Jacobean domestic revival style. Rendered in brick with ashlar plinths, with mullion windows, gables and arched doorways, the public house was Grade II listed in 2001.

In recent years it was used as as a popular Chinese restaurant, and is known to many as “The Emerald”.

Most recently the building has been the King Khan’s Indian restaurant, with the owner causing controversy in 2014 after failing to reach an agreement to continue to be home to the King George V Bowling club, which had been based at the site since 1937. The restaurant rebranded as the Old King George Balti House in 2016, but was closed by the beginning of 2017.

During last year, owners submitted 4 applications for a care home and one for 10 homes at the site, all of which were withdrawn before being put before planning committee.

Rumours of an application for a KFC have been around for some months.

MP for Northfield, Richard Burden (Labour) said: “The former King George V pub has been around for as long as anybody can remember. It is a listed building and a well-known part of Northfield’s urban landscape. The planning application claims that the changes involved would have a minimal impact on the heritage value of the building.

“I obviously want to hear what residents think but my first personal reaction is that I am far from enthusiastic about the prospect of the King George V having giant KFC signs all over it.”

Northfield Cllr Olly Armstrong said: “This stretch of road is a regular route for ambulances and other emergancy services, a drive thru that will invariably create traffic jams back up tesall lane, porentially holding up ambulances, is a dangerous proposition. Because of this I am full against this KFC drive through proposal.”

Have Your Say

There are two applications – one for change of use and the other for listed building consent. To view the planning applications and leave your views, visit Birmingham City Council Planning Online and search for application numbers:

  1. 2018/05171/PA –  Listed Building Consent for proposed internal and external alterations to allow for a change of use of existing A3 restaurant to a A3/A5 restaurant/hot food take-away for a KFC drive-thru
  2. 2018/05083/PA – Proposed change of use of existing restaurant to a mixed A3 restaurant/A5 hot food take-away for a drive-thru KFC with associated alterations, car parking and landscaping

All comments should be submitted by Thursday 6th September 2018.

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  1. Another fast food establishment, it’s no wonder the NHS is failing and the nation is getting bigger!

    Not sure how this would impact traffic at an already very busy junction.

    Would much prefer to see the pub restored and put to better community use or converted back to a pub for all to enjoy again.

  2. Don’t you think there is enough fast food places around and all the kfc I have been in have a rodent or pest problem and the food sucks

  3. I would urge people to submit an objection to this via the Council website. If you don’t submit your objections via the correct route, they won’t take any notice. Turning this site into a drive-thru would cause horrendous traffic problems in what is already a majorly busy junction. The Planning Committee need to get off their backsides and go and see the problems caused with traffic queuing to get into the drive-thru Mcdonalds on the run up to Rubery. I agree with what others have said, if this was restored and opened as a nice pub/eating house, this would be a lovely facility for local people, including families to enjoy.

  4. More traffic and air pollution in this area is not wanted.
    If the golf club gets built on as well let’s hope they both get refused by planning department.
    Can we start bringing good jobs to Longbridge were are the 10,000 jobs they promised. What a joke.

  5. With a fast food establishments both in Longbridge and Northfield a further on is not required. The proposed location is already busy and the route to ‘drive in’ will cause a detrimental effect on Tessall Lane and the inhabitants, especially with the planned no through road to Farren Road from the Bristol Road. It would be a far better proposition to develop the site to be a restaurant like Miller and Carter as it was once proposed i

  6. another historical building been destroyed, hav we no respect for our history any more, kings norton navigation inn was knocked down with no care how old it was nd the history it carried. its not what we need another fast food place, lets go on bout healthy eating for our children but then hundreds of fast food places been placed everywere. why not turn it in to historical restaurant with truth of its history nd healthier food.

  7. Not to mention noise pollution for the local residents. These kind of places invariably attract the chavvy types who sit in their modified rot box death traps blasting out terrible music. That junction is a nightmare at busy times, the whole Longridge/northfield area is in fact becoming gridlocked. The council planners just don’t care about residents just businesses and no doubt getting their corrupt oily palms greased a little more by the corporations.

  8. Another fast food eateries what a joke, no wander the nation is becoming more obese as these type of food outlets are everywhere! There is also the problem of traffic for Tessall Lane which will have queuing traffic for the drive through section, I regularly drive past queuing traffic outside McDonald’s on the Bristol Road coming from Rubery to Longbridge. The traffic around this area has already been a lot worse lately and this will only contribute to that. As others suggested it would be much better as a Miller & Carter or a Wetherspoons .

  9. I agree with most of the other speakers, we do not need yet another Fast Food Outlet. The whole of the Bristol Road is full to brimming of food outlets and enough is enough. I live just off the Bristol Rd, Longbridge, and have McDonalds over the Rd with the run of a fish and chip shop, pizza take away, The Himalaya, The Bamboo House, also yet another Curry House and Chinese Take Away below that. It is getting really stupid, would love these people to live in this area, and then approve all these great plans, don’t they realise that it causes more rubbish. We were told when McDonalds was in the pipeline and rubbish was mentioned, oh don’t worry, bins will be provided. That’s was a bloody joke.i could go on, but I won’t, I do not agree with the planning plans, please keep the building as it is. Listen to people, on what they would like, or is it the greased palm brigade.

  10. We have far to many fast food establishments and as KFC is virtually all fried it’s very bad for health causing heart disease. In this day and age of obesity it should also not be used for any unhealthy food venues. We are also overwhelmed by traffic due to poorly managed plans for traffic flow since the longbridge regeneration and anything that will cause queuing traffic on the public roads should not be allowed.

  11. I have raised my concerns on the council website, but we all know money talks, and I wouldn’t trust the council as far as I could throw them!

    The entire Longbridge “dream” is turning into a familiar nightmare, purely because the council just don’t have a clue about vision, risk and forward thinking. Instead they fall back to the tried and tested retail outlets and fast food shops because that’s what they think the local people want!

    It won’t be too long before Longbridge turns into another Selly Oak – especially on the Bristol Road cutting right through the many FF shops, student accommodation, tattoo shops, and other cheap and cheerful outlets that bring no character (or extra tourism or blue chip industry revenue) to the area.

    Councillors come and go, but their ill-founded decisions we – the local residents – will have to put up with for years after they’re long gone!

  12. i’d hate to see it turned into a kfc franchise, on location alone and would rather see it turned into a live music venue but there’s very little chance of that. Realistically who’s going to put money into a pub/restaurant situated in a grade 2 listed building other than a fast food restaurant chain though? especially when those previous ventures have already failed through lack of customers and failure to make a profit?

  13. Having looked at the plan the entrance for the take away is on Bristol Rd Sth not on Tessall lane as stated in the orig article/post.
    So its just past the traffic lights, mmm can we see a problem there?
    I know there are double yellows there but really will any one take any notice? we know the cars queue on to the road at MacDs , will it be any different here?
    If we see a problem here I think we should get our Cllrs and MP onside.

  14. Not a KFC . Road traffic issues could be nightmare. There us a local KFC in Northfield. The smell to the local housing would be an issue.

  15. I say this site should be turned into homes for the homeless as there is a serious problem with homelessness!!!

    We have far too many fast food restraints in the area let alone the whole of Birmingham which is contributing to the unhealthy wellbeing of our society also putting immense pressure on the NHS service.

    It seems to me that the COUNCIL and the FAT CATS involved only care about the money they make from these premises and not the PEOPLE that not only live there but eat there!!!

  16. Here are my objections which I have forwarded through the Planning Portal ref 2018/05083/PA
    The main entrance for the Drive-Through is on Bristol Road, where the car wash exit is now. It will be widened to allow for the increased traffic flow. To access this entrance cars travelling from Northfield will turn into Mavis Road and then turn right onto the Bristol Road. This will damage residents’ quality of life. It will result in Mavis Road, once again, being the racetrack it was before Tessall Lane bridge was closed, only now it will be worse. It will be throughout the evening and late at night with loud music blaring out from the cars and increased risk of damage to cars and accidents with pedestrians.
    • What is the need for another fast food premises? There are three in the adjacent row of shops and another two a few hundred yards away.
    • The KFC is very close to a primary school and is contrary to the spirit of the Government’s ‘Childhood Obesity Action Plan’.
    • There will no doubt be increased litter in the wider area as the containers are dumped when the food is eaten.
    • Idling cars will increase air pollution.
    • Vehicles slowing to turn in off the Bristol Road so close to the junction will cause traffic problems including possibility of collisions.
    • At busy times vehicles will queue on the Bristol Road causing traffic congestion and a very increased risk of collisions. The double yellow lines there are unlikely to stop determined eaters, particularly as due to the Councils economic situation the level of enforcement is low and non-existent at night.
    • If this corporate planning proposal is successful, although it will provide jobs at minimum wage and zero hours (they call it flexibility), it may well result in small local fast-food takeaways being forced out of business and staff being unemployed.
    Sept 6th is last day to object.
    If you are concerned about this development please feel free to copy these objections to the Council.

  17. Please no KFC. There are more than enough fast food outlets close by. Agree with all previous comments about traffic/air pollution/proximity to school. Fast food litter everywhere you look. Would be lovely to have a more upmarket restaurant or something like a music venue ( fat chance). Whatever finally ends up there we do not need any more fast food outlets. Also why not enhance the listed building and maintain its history rather than ruin it and replace with something that has no individuality.


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