Birmingham City Council’s planning committee have today REFUSED permission for Aldi to build a new discount supermarket on Bristol Road South in Longbridge (Thursday 2nd August).

Aldi submitted the application for a store on the site, next to McDonalds, in July 2017 after a public consultation in 2015.

The plans received widespread support from local residents, although there were some objections, especially from local businesses. The application received 165 letters of support and 19 letters of objection.

However, a report from city planning officer suggested that the proposal should be refused as it goes against national and local planning policies.

Firstly, the site is identified as a Regional Investment Site in the Longbridge Action Plan and the Birmingham Development Plan. As such it is intended for manufacturing or industry jobs, and policy does not deem a food retail store appropriate.

The city planner’s report also notes that a site for a discount supermarket has already been approved for Longbridge town centre, next to the Smyths toy store. This would support current planning policies which suggest developments such as the Aldi store should be in or close to town centre locations, rather than out of town.

Planning committee supported the planning officer’s recommendations and the application was refused.¬†

Before his election, Cllr Adrian Delaney (Con, Rubery & Rednal) was broadly supportive of the proposal.

He said: “It is a great pity that this application has been refused. In my view it was the best location for the new Aldi store. This plot has been empty for many years, it is a target for flytipping, anti social behaviour and is an eyesore.

“The new store would have created 45 jobs for local people. Aldi also offers excellent value for shoppers, especially those on a tight budget. Local residents would no longer have to travel to Northfield or Bromsgrove to shop at Aldi.

“It is my view that the City Council Planners have made a mistake by refusing this application.”


  1. The site next to Smyth’s Toys was originally earmarked for a cinema, gym and restaurants. Against the wishes of most of the local people (and the original idea of the development of the High Street) St Modwen recently resubmitted plans for a discount Supermarket and it was pushed through quickly by the Council.
    The Aldi application has been in much longer and they delayed deciding on this until the latter application went through. Aldi (who actually own the site) would be only about half a mile away from the Longbridge High Street(not exactly out of town!) and it would also have included a training centre which would have brought more jobs.
    Disgusted with the Council. They have totally ignored the opinions of local people in both instances.
    There should be an investigation into the whole affair. Quite frankly it stinks..

  2. Hmmn, once again this smacks of back handers. Clearly the supermarket who want to build on the Longbridge town centre site have offered the Council more money than Aldi did to build on the Bristol Road. The Council should be ashamed of themselves. When will someone realise we are surrounded by supermarkets and do not need anymore.

  3. I agree with previous comments, smacks of backhanders. what about residents who live in rednal and are unable to get to the town centre. Not everyone drives or can afford a taxi and may not be capable of using public transport, we need a discount supermarket to serve our community, nit everyone can afford to shop at Morrisons MandS or Sainsbury’s, I for one would like the choice to shop where I want. Aldi had plans for a training center which would generate jobs in the area as well as in the store all within walking distance for a lot of ppeople.This is typical of BCC who in my experience are incapable of getting anything right, and YES I both live and work locally and have done for 30 years. I have also shopped at Aldi for most of that time so would have welcomed a nearer store, particularly as I could have gone there during lunch break or after works. I have had dealings with BCC in the past on different issues and to say they are useless is an understatement!!!

  4. Well what a surprise!

    I detest the council, especially its planning committee – a committee that couldn’t plan to put their feet in the right shoes, so incompetent and out of their depth they really are!

    They have made a mess of the city centre, and now they’re turning down a perfectly good planning app so that they can take the appalling Longbridge Town even further down the road of broken promises and exciting developments for all!

  5. The road works in the area include access to the proposed Aldi site, why waste community tax payers money putting an access road in before planning was approved. BCC haven’t got a clue on planning and don’t listen to the voice of the residents. Nothing the council do surprises me.

  6. I am disabled and cannot cope with the 2 buses it would take to get me to Longbridge Town Centre. I was looking forward to getting an Aldi supermarket on the Bristol Road. Once again I feel let down by the council.

  7. Well if it is lol that is going to build next to Smyths then that is good news Aldi already have a store close by in Northfield and for those who say it’s t too far a mobility scooter would take them that far

  8. We need this Aldi, we need the site to be refurbished it is an eyesore, it is no longer a industrial area since the loss of car services, so that really does not stand up especially with all the new houses that have been built, there does not appear to be any need for manufacturing or industrial use as most of the area is residential, schools, and shops, give the public what they want, that is what we voted you in for

  9. Councils complain family’s get into debt and claim benefits but they reject low cost food outlets for families to be able to make cuts and endorse expensive chains such as M&S and Sainsbury’s? Shame on you guys..

  10. The refusal is a fair shout as the land is earmarked for manufacturing or industry jobs, I am sure they have a large number of applications to consider from companies wanting to move there and employ hundreds of local people ….NOT.
    Total disgrace, there is already a supermarket on Longbridge retail park, i am sure they are delighted that a discount store almost next door will possibly take some of their business, maybe they will object??
    If the site was so sought after why was it not developed years ago, oh and what about the businesses that were around there that have long gone.
    The addition of this store would have been a great asset to the immediate area.

  11. Aldi own that land and have done since 2003. The residents in the area wanted Aldi to help families on limited income to buy nutritious foods at a lower price, including families the elderly and disabled. Birmingham city council should listen to what residents want, Aldi has been the number 1 supermarket for several years that’s another reason we want it. Why can’t Aldi be built by Smyths we do not want Lidl. The council should arrange a meeting in Longbridge and for once listen to the residents instead of making decisions for us which are not in our best interest

  12. It will be interesting to know which way the local councillors (Simon Morrall, Adrian Delaney, Olly Armstrong, Debbie Clancy and Brett O’Reilly) for the area pushed for this planning application?

    If they collectively pushed/influenced the Planning Committee to reject it then shame on them, especially since there was broad support from the affected ward residents for the application to be approved.

    That part of the Bristol Road by McDonald’s is a complete eye-sore and needs major redevelopment sooner rather than later; and since Aldi own the stretch of land to be developed, what are they odds they will refuse any proposal from BCC to have their land developed on for reasons other than their own supermarket!

    Moreover, Aldi could dig their heels in and reject any financial offer to buy the land off them, or demand some hugely inflated price instead.

    The Planning Committee have been an ongoing embarrassment to this city for decades; they have no vision, no guts to think outside of the box; always playing it safe with tedious unimaginative “touchy feely” developments that show a complete lack of understanding or enhancement for the people of this city.

  13. It’s common sense that Aldi can never be built next to McDonald’s with all the traffic that builds up. You only have to look at all the traffic backing up on the main road to know that it will cause queuing just to get into the car park well done Birmingham council sensible to decline the application. Aldi now need to sell the land so it can be used for its intended purpose and not left derelict. They should also be made to maintain the area if it stays in their ownership.

  14. Aldi would be good for the area.I have a daughter who is a single parent with two children she can’t afford to shop at Sainsburys or to pay bus fare to the Northfield store.She relies on me to drive her there.A park would be good too or somewhere the kids can play as alot of famlies live in the high rise flats

  15. How about a fun swimming baths with slides ect not like the new one thats built in Northfield just a swimming pool.I take the grandkids to Stourport they have slides ect much more fun for kids but to far

  16. It’s not in the area action so it was always going to have problems from the council.
    If the council gave permission to Aldi they would ha to do the same for the NWGC which is also not in the area action plan.
    I did meet with Aldi on a few occasions and tell them this but they had already purchased the land.
    They should of gone on the town centre site.
    They are also putting a store in Kings Norton. What I feel we are missing here is the promise of 10,000 jobs when Rover shut down they have not even got to 5,000 yet.
    This could be another promise they don’t do.

  17. The proposed Aldi site in Longbridge will still look like it is now in10 years time due to BCC planning committee ‘s decision to reject the proposal,the site is unsuitable for manufacturing or not needed for office accommodation I’m sure access to the site could be reached from the newly created road junction,this was a development that would have been welcomed by the majority of local residents but that goes against the planning departments wishes


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