Workers at a Rubery supermarket have been given less than 4 weeks notice that their store is to close – and told they will have to reapply for jobs in a new brand discount store run by Tesco.

The Guardian wrote on Sunday that Tesco are expected to close up to 60 Metro stores and replace them with rebranded stores, in a bid to compete with discount market leaders Lidl and Aldi.

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We now understand that around 60 staff at Rubery’s Tesco Metro have today (Tuesday 24th July) been told their store will close in just under 4 weeks and that they will be expected to reapply for a job, move to another store or take redundancy.

Tesco have yet to officially announce their discount store plans and which stores are to be affected but positions within a “new store format” have been advertised for another store online. One job ad states: “The new retail format will be operated separately from the core Tesco business and as such benefits offered will be different from those offered at Tesco.”

It has been widely reported that the new stores will be called Jack’s, in honour of Tesco founder Jack Cohen.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We confirm we have announced the closure of the Tesco store at Rubery. Our priority now is to support colleagues affected. We will give more details in due course.”


  1. I find this OK ,but they need to close and open it quickly other wise they will loose more money then they will gain .

  2. Probably to compete against the local Farmfoods, and the proposed Lidli on the Bristol Road South near to the MacDonald’s Drive-in (assuming it has been given planning permission at the 2nd or 3rd attempt!)

    I also suspect the retail developments over at the new Longbridge Town, is slowly taking regular footfall away from Rubery High Street.

    I think Rubery High Street needs to reinvent itself otherwise it will sink without trace, especially with shop units and bank branches closing there!

  3. The closure of the Tesco Metro in Rubery is another nail in the coffin for people who live there, not everyone has a car to travel to the bigger supper markets, as a pensioner I am not sure were I will shop Morrison on the Bristol Road has a long walk from the bus stop and the local Co-op is really a none starter, not a lot to offer and high prices, the only other shop in Rubery is the Costcutter which really only sells booze, H.S.B.C closed their branch down, Rubery is mainly Take-A-Way shops and Charity shops, we do have two butchers and of course Farmfoods which is mainly frozen food. If Tesco do open another kind of shop there will we still be able to use our Tesco Club Card or do we lose that as well !!!

    • I know it’s where we shop as we have to walk to the shop then taxi home as I’m disabled. I was thinking hang on what about my Tesco phone and my Tesco card there no other Tesco to go too. Morrisons is a no no shop to big to walk round we dont where were going to shop now.

  4. Yes but Lidl and ALDI employees are not on zero hours contracts, like they are proposing for the Tesco employees who don’t wish to move to another store, amongst other things

  5. Tesco …have you lost the plot ?
    Rubery Tesco store is the store where all locals shop ,its always busy and such a nice place to shop,clean ,well stocked and accessible .The store manager and his staff are exceptional .
    Do you not value “all that is good”.
    You need to be transparent open and honest with your staff and customers because without them you will be the looser.

  6. I think the delay from closure to a new store opening is the biggest problem. Jacks will possibly be great..If it is to compete with the likes of Aldi and Lidel it better be excellent…Problem is it’s about 10 weeks from closure to new store opening….Long time.


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