Tonight, there will be a total eclipse of the moon (Friday 27th July) but will you be able to see it?

The moon is visible to us as the sun reflects from its surface. During a Total Lunar Eclipse, the earth blocks the light of the sun from the moon as the three bodies align.

As the earth’s shadow falls over the full moon, it often gives it a red appearance. This is why a total eclipse of the moon is sometimes referred to as a Blood Moon’

In fact, the quality of the earth’s atmosphere determines how ‘red’ the moon will appear – it can range from grey, to orange, to red.

So what are our chances of seeing this stunning event in Birmingham?!

Moonrise: 9pm
Maximum eclipse: 9.21pm
Total eclipse ends: 10.13pm

The moon will be visible to the South East. It will be very close to the horizon so low in the sky. Make sure you have an unobstructed view.

The Met Office forecast is for overcast skies so there’s a chance of a glimpse or better – but we might need to cross our fingers!

Forecast at 5pm 27/7/18 – Click image to check latest weather update from Met Office

If you get a good view, send us your blood moon photos




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