In pictures: Sunday strollers tackle Waseleys wildfire

Walkers attempt to extinguish a smouldering grass fire in the Waseley Hills | Photo S. Hicks

Visitors to the Waseley Hills Country Park in Rubery got more than they bargained for on their Sunday stroll this afternoon (Sunday 15th July). 

Around 15 walkers came together when they came across a large area of parched grass smouldering, with flames spreading at the edges close to the toposcope at the top of the hill near the Visitors’ Centre.

Walkers come across a wildfire on a popular beauty spot in the Waseley Hills | Photo L. ODonnell

Everyone clubbed together and beat back the fire using whatever means they could – emptying bottles of water they were carrying, stamping on smoking patches and beating down flames with leafy branches from nearby trees.

Scorched grass following a wildfire in the Waseley Hills | Photo S. Hicks

Firefighters from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service were arriving at the scene as the walkers left so hopefully everything is checked out and under control now.

Please be aware of the heightened fire risk if out and about in our green spaces during this extended dry spell! Extinguish cigarettes safely, don’t light fires or barbecues, discard all rubbish responsibly (especially glass bottles).

Be vigilant and if you come across any wildfires, however small, report to the fire service immediately on 999. If choosing to try and stop the spread yourself, please be very careful that you always have a route to get away and be aware that they can spread very quickly.

Well done to all involved in preventing this fire from spreading further, including the photographers Simone & Lee and their families! 


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