From Your Councillor: Cllr Olly Armstrong – Northfield – July 2018


We will be offering all Councillors across South West Birmingham the opportunity to write a blog on B31 Voices, up to once a month.

Here’s the first blog from Cllr Olly Armstrong, the Labour councillor for Northfield ward. 

Thank You

So. Here I am, writing my first blog for B31Voices, as your new Northfield ward councillor, and to be honest its hard to know where to start.

It has been an absolute whirlwind since I was elected, and to cope with serving you properly I have made the decision to go part time in my day job, and give clear time to working in and across Northfield. I’ve attended a number of community groups and events, met with many of you face to face, over the phone and on email/social media, and had some wonderful conversations with so many of you at Northfield Carnival.

I look forward to speaking with more of you in the coming weeks, months and years. Never hesitate to get in touch.

New Beginnings

As I seek to settle in and find the best paths to support you, the people of Northfield, as well as set a good example of having a positive work/life balance, I am still finding my feet. Please do invite me to any community events or meetings you have, and if you would like to help me in anyway (for example help in setting up a Friends Of Daffodil Park would be fantastic!) please get in touch. Lets do this together.

Big Ticket Problems

There are a number of issues our area is facing that we need to unite as a community to discuss, plan and impact.

The speed and amount of traffic around our roads is one of the key issues raised so far, and I hope Northfield can see a future with good, safe, affordable public transport; decent, fun and safer cycle routes for all; as well as better, smarter traffic calming around the area. Anything we can do to reduce amount and speed of cars, whilst making the area accessible for those who need to get to work, school or simply travel around, is going to be one of our “wicked problems” in coming years.

The contentious Bloor Homes plans to build on the North Worcestershire Golf Course is another major concern for many across the south of Northfield, and as a local resident, and someone who wants to see green spaces protected and used wisely, not just tarmacked and bricked over, this is a key issue for my own family too. Of course we can’t just say no to housing, lock the site and forget about it. We need community driven, smart and future positive ideas and initiative to move forward. Other cities have some incredible community driven projects happening that we can learn from here.

Crime is another ongoing issue, and of course as the current government continues its drive to strip money from all forms of service – from schools, to fire, to nurseries, hospitals and police services – its hard to see how we can have enough support to deal with ongoing crime issues. I will continue to work with our fantastic local police officers, as well as work with my party to lobby for better support and funding for the police service as a whole.

Going Forward

As we move forward through 2018, I would love to hear what things you love about Northfield, what is happening that needs to be celebrated, what you’d love to see happen across the area, and what you want to see change for the better. Please do message me on facebook, twitter or by email with your favourite things about Northfield.

Keep In Touch

Ward surgery 8am to 10am at Northfield Leisure Centre (First Tuesday of every month across the ward)

Next ward forum meeting is Wednesday 18th July,7.30pm at Northfield Quaker house

North Worcestershire Golf Course meeting: 26th July 7.30pm Northfield Baptist Church

Facebook/Twitter: @olly4northfield

So thats it for now, I will strive to blog monthly to keep you in the loop, but do join my facebook page and follow my twitter to be kept up to date on a daily basis.

Enjoy your summer and I’ll see you soon!

Olly Armstrong
Northfield Ward Councillor




  1. If you are concerned about the NWGC / Bloor development you must contact Ben Plenty via email at Ben is the case officer.
    Please put forward your concerns this could be your last chance to have your say.
    My biggest concern is traffic and clean air zone as the development of the new town centre is a long way off and the golf club development will only make it worse.
    This development is not in the area action plan and should never been considered.


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