Reminder to keep mirrors out of direct sunlight to reduce home fire risk

Severe fire damage including burnt bedding, mattress and wall
Sunlight reflected from a mirror caused this severe fire in a Halesowen home | Photo Haden Cross Fire

With the sun a more frequent visitor in recent weeks, its worth a reminder to keep mirrors in your home away from the sun’s rays.

Sunlight shining through window glass and then reflected in mirrors can cause hot spots that may catch fire.

In March a West Midlands Fire Service watch from Haden Cross station attended a severe house fire in Halesowen.

Their investigations identified the cause of the fire to be sun reflected in a mirror – on a day when the maximum temperature rose to just 11ºC.

Luckily, no-one was at hurt in the blaze.

Please check your mirrors and other reflective glass items are away from direct sunlight.


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