Quinton couple watch World Cup game in their living room with surprise celebrity guests


Thanks to McDonald’s UK, a Quinton superfan and his partner had surprise visitors around to watch a FIFA World Cup™ 2018 match in their living room on Friday (15th June). 

When Matt Inniss opened his front door for his McDelivery, he didn’t expect to find England football stars Jamie Redknapp and Peter Crouch, along with comedian and presenter Paddy McGuinness on his doorstep!

Matt founded his inspirational company Fitnniss in 2012, providing fitness and wellbeing services for people of all ages and abilities in their care settings.

His fiancée Karen is an art teacher at Lordswood Girls School and a trustee with Future Leaders UCC, a charity supporting a school in Ghana, where she teaches voluntarily for one month every year.

Matt, Karen and friend Marc McLaren were overwhelmed to find themselves sharing their Spain v Portugal match viewing – and Chicken Select and Cheese Bite Shareboxes! – with the celebrity trio. They all clearly had a great time enjoying the match and McDelivery – they even had Crouchy doing ‘The Robot’ in their living room and managed a kick about in the garden!

Paddy, Jamie, Matt, Peter – selfie in the garden!

Matt said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw two England legends and Paddy at my front door! I was absolutely buzzing!

“Karen and I are huge Liverpool fans and love Take Me Out, so to have Jamie Redknapp, Peter Crouch and Paddy McGuiness on our sofa watching a six goal thriller game was unbelievable!

“They’re all really great guys and it felt just like having mates around, watching the game, playing football in the garden while enjoying our McDonalds. An incredible experience!”

The trio also surprised crew and customers at the McDonald’s restaurant on Hagley Road. Customers at the Drive-Thru were shocked to find Paddy and the boys attempting to complete their orders.

The campaign formed part of McDonald’s UK summer of McDelivery celebrations, which has already seen additional restaurant roll-out, exclusive food launches and a partnership with UNILAD to create the ultimate World Cup lap-tray™

Congratulations to Matt and Karen, who both give so much in their community and beyond – a very well deserved treat for you both!

And congratulations to Jamie, Peter and Paddy for securing the opportunity to spend a few hours with an amazing couple!

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