The individuals in the photos are suspected of tearing through children’s play parks and dog-walking hotspots on off-road bikes  − and officers warned they will seize scramblers ridden anti-socially.

Sergeant David Cotter said: “Worried members of the public have provided the images − and I’m asking if anyone recognises the men, the bikes, or has information that could help us, to get in touch so we can take action.

“It is totally unacceptable for people to use local parks for off-road biking: it’s dangerous and a real noise nuisance. The parks should be relaxing, safe areas for people to spend time − they are not race tracks and people’s enjoyment of the parks is being ruined.”

It’s illegal to ride bikes in a manner that might cause alarm or distress to a member of the public, while bikers using public parkland are also committing motoring offences.

Officers will look to issue warning notices to offenders − anyone ignoring the warning faces having their bike seized and crushed and a date in court.

Anyone with information about the bikers is urged to call the Edgbaston Neighbourhood Police Team on the 101 number or alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit 


  1. I hope one of them crashes into a lamppost and ends up dead or severely disabled! (preferably the former as that would be cheaper for everyone)

    Complete waste of space, as well as risking other people’s lives with their selfish antisocial behaviour.


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