One of the great unanswered questions of the millennium still looms large as more poems are spotted on the footpaths of New Frankley in Birmingham: Just WHO is Poet Monkey RA?!

Dace Parkes spotted these new works chalked onto footpaths around Frogmill Road today (Friday 1st June).

Last week two poems – a moving piece describing life through the eyes of a Syrian child and a love poem – were discovered on paths near Balaam Wood School and in Forestdale Park.

Dace spotted two chalked inscriptions today – one a short statement on the journey of life and the other the musings of a hedgehog looking for love!

Dace said she and her 6 year old daughter enjoyed finding the poems on their walk to the playground, saying: “We absolutely loved it!”

Today’s discoveries:

One for the Kids

Minnie the Hedgehog

My name is Minnie and I’m as old as my spikes

And I noticed on Facebook my photo got a lot of likes

So here goes:

My name is Minnie and I am a hedgehog

People say I’m prickly but I’m not prickly at all

Only when I’m frightened and I roll up in a ball

I’m very beautiful and not very tall

I love slugs and cat food and late nights out

You can often see me snuffling about

It’s not that I have a cold or flu

It’s just what we hedgehogs do

We sniff out our food

We are not being rude

So if there are any hedgehog out there who want to be my mate

Then message me on facebook and we can make a date

Love Minnie

Poet Monkey RA

You can read the full poems from last week below, in pictures or text. If you know who wrote these or you have seen any other poems written anywhere in the area, please let us know!

The thoughts of a ten year old Syrian child


When will I be able to wake up and not hear the sound of gunshots

When can I stop avoiding the [alleyway] were the [corpses] of my neighbours do rot

When will I stop thinking today’s the day I die

Waiting for death as every hour ticks by

When will I find my father and my mother

Who will look after the child with no mother

When will the school open again

When will I be free of this mental pain

When will I stop being a pawn in a political game

[Enemy] to no one target to all

[Nowhere] to hide as the bombs fall

Who will count the cost of those who fall

Reduced to nameless statistics

Born dead in the land of the mystic

No dignity in life

No dignity in death

Fighting for life from the very first breath

When will I be a child again

Playing happily in the rain

When will I be seen as a human being

If you had seen what I have seen

Been the places I have been

Watching someone destroy your dreams

I will always be [here]

I will always hear

My neighbour’s screams

But I have to dream

Will I ever be able to wash away the stench of death

And replace it with the scent of the Damask rose

What the Moon Saw

I kiss your neck as you gaze at the stars

Standing here like Venus and Mars

Dressed only in the moonlight

Flesh pressing flesh as we stand and caress

Comfortable and happy in this state of undress

My lips capture every breath as you breathe

This place I don’t ever want to leave

I love you more than there are stars in the sky

Without your love I would surely die

I see the tears form in her eyes

Distorting the reflection of the new sunrise

And for that moment there is nothing else in this universe but you

Wrapped in the contortions of love

Our silhouettes picked out by the moon above

And there on that night I learnt the true meaning of love



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