A reader reported finding ‘hundreds’ of dead fish floating on the surface of the yachting pool in Valley Parkway, off Bournville Lane as she walked her dogs yesterday (Monday 4th June).

We contacted Bournville Cllr Liz Clements who in turn spoke to Birmingham City Parks’ department about the issue.

Dead sticklebacks floating on the water | Photo Lorna Curry

District Parks Manager for south Birmingham Sue Amey said that they were aware of some dead sticklebacks which had been removed and they were monitoring the situation.

Sue said: “It’s likely to be due to an algal bloom caused by the rapid changes in weather and the extremes we’ve been experiencing recently, causing a dip in oxygen levels.”

She added that, although there were no obvious signs of any pollutants, the Environment Agency had been contacted and would be testing the water to check.

Sue said that the pool is not a natural one nor is it designed for fish stocks, but the sticklebacks have been thriving in large numbers in it. She added that if any large fish were put into the pool – which has happened – they would have to be removed as the pool is designed solely for model boating.

The parks department will continue to monitor the pool, awaiting feedback from the Environment Agency.

Bournville Yachting Pool photo © Phil Campion





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