Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School in Bournville, yesterday (25th May) released a statement on their school website of caution and reassurance following a reported incident involving one of their pupils whilst walking home from school.

The incident, reported by the year nine pupil, is said to have taken place on Thursday (24th of May) as she was walking home from school with a friend. As she made her way home after she and her friend separated, she claims that she was approached by a man who tried to talk to her. When she started to run home, the young girl reports that the man followed her in a van.

The notice in full by Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School: “On Thursday evening a Year 9 pupil was approached by a white male, approximately 30, short dark hair. She did the right thing and ran home. The man started shouting to her, she looked back and he was running back to a dark coloured van, where another man was sitting in it. She did the right thing and kept running but the van followed her. Thankfully she did manage to get home safely. The police have been informed and are working with school to investigate this incident.

“Youngster’s safety is our number 1 priority — pupils have been spoken to again about stranger danger and this specific incident. We have advised them, where possible, travel to and from school with a friend or someone from DEC. We will update you of any developments once we hear back from Police.

“If you have any queries, concerns or any information relating to this incident please contact 101 and the school reception.”

Bournville School have also informed their pupils and parents of the reported incident, suggesting caution and offering reassurance and advice with a letter home, which is also available to view on their website here.

If you have any information which could assist West Midlands Police in their investigation, please contact them on 101, Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit www.crimestoppers-uk.org 


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