FLY-TIPPING that blocked a residents footpath has been cleared-away after a Councillor requested assistance from a neighbouring authority, writes Neil Gordon. 

The footpath, which provides access to the rear of properties on Brook End Drive, Rubery, became blocked after rubbish was fly-tipped by residents.

The issue was raised with Cllr Peter McDonald at a surgery by a concerned resident. Cllr McDonald investigated the problem and discovered that whilst the properties are in Worcestershire, the footpath is over the boundary in Birmingham.

Cllr McDonald said: “Workers from Birmingham Council have cleared away the bags of rubbish that had been tipped. “Once again they have done a good job.”

However, the Councillor hit-out at residents who had dumped the rubbish, saying: “Some residents had walked down to the end of their garden, reached up and dropped the bags of rubbish over their fence. Out of sight, out of mind.”

“This rubbish could easily have been recycled through the normal refuse service operated by the Council.”

To report flytipping:


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