RSPCA Animal Centre in Frankley Green needs YOUR help!


The RSPCA is appealing for donations of blankets, newspapers and scratching posts to help keep the animals in the care of the Newbrook Farm Animal Centre in Frankley Green comfy and cosy. 

After a busy, cold winter, stocks are running low and the charity is hoping the public will donate items to help.

The RSPCA is a charity and relies on public donations to help them rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in desperate need of care.

As well as bedding for the animals, the centre is also seeking donations of newspapers and scratching posts.

Centre manager Deborah Caffull said: “At our centre we can accommodate 60 dogs, 160 cats and 32 rabbits. Last year we rehomed 1,115 animals, so as you can imagine our blankets get a lot of use and often have to be replaced. We also send some home with our animals to comfort them in a new environment.

“We are particularly low on blankets at the moment for our cattery and kennels. We need large blankets for the kennels and some smaller ones for our cats, preferably of a fleece or similar material as these wash really well.

“In 2016, it cost £537,935 to run the animal centre which means that we often appeal for kind members of the public to donate food, blankets and toys to help us look after the many animals in our care.

“It was a particularly tough winter this year with temperatures plummeting which means Birmingham Animal Centre went through a lot of blankets to keep the animals warm.

“As the kitten season is now upon us – the time of year when most kittens are born and many sadly end up coming into our centres – the RSPCA needs lots more blankets to provide for our fosterers who handrear these young kittens round the clock, and also help settle older animals into a home environment.

“If you can help with donations of old blankets, scratching posts and newspapers we would be very grateful.”

To donate to help the centre, or to ask about fostering opportunities, contact the Birmingham Animal Centre on 0300 123 8585 or drop into the centre in Frankley Green B32 4AX.


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