Polls open for all-out election of Birmingham councillors


Polls have opened this morning for an all-out election of councillors for Birmingham City Council (Thursday 3rd May).

Here’s some last minute info you may find helpful.

When can I vote?

Polling stations opened at 7am this morning and will remain operational until 10pm this evening.

Where can I vote?

With new wards coming into effect, your polling station may have changed. Enter your postcode below to check where you need to go.

I’ve lost my polling card! Can I still vote?

Polling cards are sent out for your information only. You don’t need yours to vote – just attend your polling station and give your name and address. (As long as you’re eligible and registered!)

I’ve had an emergency and can’t make it to the polling station!

If you have had a genuine emergency (e.g. hospital admission or unexpected work commitments) and can’t make the polling station, but still want to vote, you may be able to send someone on your behalf by asking for an emergency proxy vote. You need to apply before 5pm today and you can find full details here

Or contact the Birmingham City Council Elections Office for advice:

Can I use my own pen? I want my vote in ink!

Polling Stations provide pencils for you to mark your ballot paper with. You’re free to use your own pen if you prefer, as long as your vote is marked correctly and clearly!

When will results be known?

This time around, a central count will take place for the whole of Birmingham City Council on Friday 4th May.



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