Planners seek permission to demolish historic Rubery pub in favour of care home


Developers have applied for permission to demolish an historic Rubery pub in favour of a large care home, claiming at least 60 jobs will be created. 


Built in 1811, The Cock Inn in Rubery Lane is the oldest pub in Rubery. It has now been vacant for several years and was sadly subject to an arson attack in October last year.

It is said that the RAF were billeted at The Cock Inn during WWII and operated barrage balloons at Rubery Quarry, to protect the factories in Longbridge.

Previous applications

Last year, Malvern Estates PLC, alongside Unique Pub Properties PLC, were refused permission to develop the former coaching inn site as part of a 12 property housing development.

Developers resubmitted plans in January this year to address the council’s initial concerns regarding access onto the development and the fact that trees under a Tree Preservation Order would be affected.

However, developers withdrew this application before it went before the planning committee.

Arson attack

In October 2017, a severe fire destroyed the roof of the building after arsonists struck at the site.

Care home plans

Now, Malvern Homes Ltd have applied for outline permission to demolish the former public house and build a care home, housing around 68 beds over three floors in a modern building. A fourth lower floor will sit below, following the existing contour of the land, with a social space for residents opening into a garden area. The development would include a 23 space car park for visitors and staff.

Developers say that at least 60 staff would be employed in the building once it is fully operational.

‘Part of our heritage’

Cllr Simon Morrall (Cons, Frankley Great Park) said: “I am happy to finally see something done about this site. However, I would personally like to see the historic 1811 building restored as it’s part of our heritage and I know many residents feel the same.

“If feasible, I would like to see planners preserve and incorporate the building into the new development.”

Cllr Morrall urged residents to make sure their views were heard. He said: “Of course, the final decision is not up to me, and residents only have a short window to comment on the application, so I would strongly encourage people to do so.”

Have Your Say

The planning application and associated documents can be viewed online on Birmingham City Council’s Planning Online pages – Search application number  2018/03511/PA

Visit > Click ‘Access Planning Online > Click Application Number Search > Enter 2018/03511/PA

Any comments must be submitted by 31st May 2018.


  1. So if you cant get what you want you get it burnt down and re-apply. It should be stopped and built back to how it was. Make use of it by making for somewhere for homeless not more care homes. Theres four care homes that i know of locally without the need of another.

  2. i would love to see it as it was but who ever gets it they should incorporate the name its such a shame to see it in such a state as it is now

  3. I live right behind the pub and i can tell you i’m sick and tired of kids running riot and smashing up the place before and after the fire, it’s only a matter of time before it is burnt to the ground as access to the sight is free through the fencing which whoever is responsible has let become vandalised too! I welcome this application as it seems to offer a good compromise, far better than a housing development of commercial use building, also the prospect of creating jobs has to be applauded. Yes it’s a shame the pub has no place in this proposal but the longer these application are submitted and then refused and then resubmitted us poor residents have to put up with the constant anti social behaviour.

    • Probably part of the overall plan. That is to have poor fencing & security so kids can continue to access the site & annoy everyone, hence most will be in favour of a proposed development eventually.

  4. What would help the community is to distinguish between two separate issues –
    1. A dangerous structure in respect of the derelict and fire damaged former pub. The remedy is to complain to BCC’s Building Control (Acivico) who have powers to resolve the issue (quickly) by serving formal notices – why hasn’t this been done?
    2. Future usage is a decision for the Planning Committee: yes, we have enough care homes and a unit for the homeless plus on site supervision, would be ideal. Funding from the Combined Authority, would also be ideal.

  5. People are not going to pubs like they
    used to so many pubs have disappeared from northfield and surrounding areas and there only going to be replaced with something that makes money for faceless company’s , corporations like these express supermarkets that are expensive when the area is crying out for a more shopping on a budget place or old people’s homes were the money there paid too look after OAP not spent on care but executive managers merc’s I know from experience nothing changes anymore


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