New office building approved as land sold for multi-storey Park and Ride for Longbridge


A new office building for Longbridge Technology Park has been given the go ahead by city planners, as developers sell pocket of land to pave the way for a multi-storey revamp for Longbridge station Park and Ride car park.

OfficesCGI of a two storey office building on the corner of Devon Way and Longbridge Lane in Longbridge. The building is modern, of red brick, with large almost full length windows to both floors. The corner of the building is curvedBirmingham City Council planners have approved a new 20,000 sq ft office space.

Developers St Modwen say 3 Devon Way has the flexibility to be split into several suites with the potential to create 80 jobs in the area.

The offices will be located on Longbridge Technology Park, at the junction of Devon Way with Longbridge Lane. Construction will begin in the autumn, with the offices ready to occupy by summer 2019.

Chris Newsome, Development Director at St. Modwen, said: “With the success of the Innovation Centre and 2 Devon Way, Longbridge has proved to be an ideal location for businesses and we welcome this planning outcome.

“The site has excellent facilities and great transport connections, located right by Longbridge Train Station and only a few minutes’ drive from junction 2 of the M42 and junction 4 of the M5.”

Park and Ride

Cars in the land level Park and Ride car park adjacent to Longbridge Station. The Factory Youth Centre building in the background
Photo TFWM

St. Modwen has sold a 0.2 acre piece of land in Longbridge to the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), paving the way for a new Park and Ride adjacent to Longbridge train station.

Chris Newsome, Development Director at St. Modwen, said: “The strategic location of this site will benefit people who live, work and enjoy their leisure time in Longbridge. The sale to WMCA is further confirmation of our commitment to the regeneration of Longbridge even if we are not directly involved in a project.”

Duncan Fry, Senior Project Manager at the WMCA, said: “Longbridge is one of the busiest stations on our network and the Park and Ride facility is hugely popular.

“This high demand means it’s often full before the end of the morning rush hour which is why we have been looking at ways to expand the site.

“With the purchase of this land we will soon unveil further details of our proposed extension and all the extra convenience and connectivity it will bring for passengers.”



  1. And loads more ffin traffic, its a knightmare now never mind with all this crap. Wasnt this much traffic when rover was there with thousands of staff.

  2. Good news. This was one of the promises SM underwrote years ago: the intention of making this area into a hi-tech corridor rather than just another tedious retail park.

    We need SMEs here, which will bring further investment, and far more importantly jobs for the local community.

  3. I challenge Mr Fry, in his post as Project Manager to provide and exhibit in full the strategic review and assessment of the influence of the additional traffic, the modifications and the results they expect to gain from this massive project expenditure. As a member of the local residents and should I add, been living in Longbridge for over 30 years, I have never seen so much traffic. You are trying to suggest, there is a benefit to the local community. Well, if you feel that to be true or indeed when future changes are completed whether your measures indicate it to be true, well they are WRONG VERY WRONG!! I have an enormous amount of time added to my work and other journeys, into and out of my local area because of traffic, I see Bike projects empty and not used at all and to cap it all off, you and the council partnership team seem to resort to taking it out on trees that have been there for over a 100 Years. Disgrace! More Traffic, Couldn’t care attitude and trying to sell the locals an ill thought through project that has no benefit to the locals. I implore all of you locals, express your real thoughts, as they seem to think we are happy!

  4. We need a Next, River Island, large frozen food department like Iceland or Farmfoods, a hardware type store like Wilkinsons. An continental type restaurant serving various multi culture food instead of just steak and chips, fish and chips. Entertainment type centre so restaurants and bars flourish with the trade generated.
    Variety of shops, art, bookshops etc. Base the local library there within the area for passing trade.

    • Think you have just said what everyone in the area has been saying since all this building work started. It would be much better for our area so we’ll said 😁

  5. I think I might just learn to fly, because getting too and work is about to get even harder. As other’s have said, they try to sell these ideas by saying it will produce jobs for local people, but then the majority of staff who are employed in these offices will probably commute from other areas of the city. Whilst I am having a moan, can someone please tell me why they are not utilising the perfectly decent surface car park between the back of Bournville College and the new retirement village as additional car parking for the station. And another thing, the closure of the bottom of Tessall Lane to cars is ridiculous. I am sure the people who live down that end of Tessall Lane will be very happy, but it has been like that for donkey’s years, so why they feel the need to change it now is beyond me.

    • The closure of Tessall Lane is also a problem since nothing seems to have been done to make it pleasant to walk along the closed-off ‘pedestrianised’ section. It’s not at all attractive and one might have expected that the Birmingham Council which takes such little interest in this part of the city would for once have taken action to resurface the section and to plant trees and attractive plants and locate some street furniture, such as benches, there.
      It’s a great pity because a walk along there could be quite pleasant especially if the Council devoted some resources to restoring Daffodil park next to the road.
      Unfortunately, as local residents observed at a recent Ward Forum, groups of marijuana smokers now often hang around there making the now-pedestrianised area even more unpleasant.
      If this pedestrianised road had been situated in the city centre or Labour-voting Moseley or the inner city I expect the Council would have paid more attention to making the area a lot more attractive.


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