A family from West Heath/Northfield have started a crowdfunding page to help pay for an operation that’s no longer available on the NHS so their five-year-old daughter can walk.

Lacey, who attends Turves Green Primary School, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was aged 9 months, due to a lack of oxygen during birth.

Born 7 weeks early, the beautiful little lady spent the first 22 days of her life in the Neonatal unit at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

“She will never be able to walk”

Not the news a parent wishes to hear about their child, but undeterred by the Doctor’s proclamation, Lacey’s family weren’t determined that their little girl would defy expectation.

Despite the limitations and difficulties Cerebral Palsy has tainted Lacey’s life with thus far, she has reached her milestones just like any other child, albeit a little later than her friends.

The determined little lady – who loves to sing – can now take steps without other aids other than her specialised foot splints!

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Operation

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a surgical procedure to reduce spasticity in the lower limbs by dividing some of the lumbar sensory nerve roots. Even though the surgery is not suitable for all, the 5 year old’s family were thrilled to be told that after her last appointment at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, it was confirmed that Lacey would benefit from the surgery.

However, they were also informed that NHS England had withdrawn funding for SDR surgery whilst it examines its effectiveness via a process called Commissioning Through Evaluation.

Great Ormond Street Hospital“There is now enough evidence to demonstrate that SDR is associated with substantial long-term benefits. These are not only related to reduction in spasticity, but also relate to improved movement and walking as well as improved quality of life for both the children and their families”.

The NICE Guidelines state that“The non-randomised comparative study of 142 patients treated by the procedure or ITBP (intrathecal baclofen pump) reported that 94% and 96% of parents respectively were satisfied at 1-year follow-up”

Magic legs crowdfunding

Frustrated and angered –as they believe the procedure would be life changing for Lacey and help her become more independent – her family have launched a Crowfunding page to self fund the operation.

Lacey’s Mom Leanne said:”If the operation goes as expected then it will help to majorly improve her mobility skills, and after intense physiotherapy, hopefully lead to Lacey walking unaided and being able to participate in daily routines independently, without having to rely on support from family and friends.”

The target amount of £30,000 is needed (which will fund solely the operation). After the day long surgery, Lacey will spend a minimum of 2 weeks recovering in hospital in a different city to home.

On having the surgery, the massive Ed Sheeran and Little Mix fan Lacey said: “When I have my magic legs, I won’t just walk, I will run and do big jumps too!”

“It would mean more than the world to me for Lacey to have this operation!” said Leanne, adding “Honestly.. I couldn’t put it into enough words how life changing it would be.. not only for Lacey but for myself as a single mom. It would mean that Lacey would be able to have the freedom and ability to do the things she has always wanted to do, even the simplest of things that people take for granted every day such as running and jumping. In laceys words “I’m not only going to run with my magic legs… I will jump as well!”

You can read more about Lacey and donate towards the operation to give her ‘magic legs’ by visiting HERE.

Watch the wonderful Lacey walk unaided :-)


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