Birmingham City Council planning committee has today (24th May) approved an outline planning application for a discount supermarket on the Longbridge town centre development.

Planning permission was previously granted in August last year for a leisure complex including a cinema, a gym and restaurants on land next to Smyths Toy Superstore.

However, a supporting statement with this new planning application for a discount supermarket on the same site said: “It has proven not to be possible to secure sufficient occupier interest to deliver that scheme. It has therefore become necessary to pursue an alternative approach for this site.”

The new Longbridge centre already has mid-range provision with a large Sainsbury’s supermarket on site, and a high end grocery provision as part of the Marks and Spencer superstore.

The proposals include 3,100 sq m store, with a retail sales area of up to 1,400 sq m, with associated parking as an extension of the existing surface car park.

No potential occupier has been identified at this stage.


  1. Absolutely ridiculous. This just smacks of desperation as they are obviously losing too much money having the site unoccupied. WE DO NOT NEED another supermarket, budget or otherwise.

  2. I would love an Aldi as Sainsbury’s and M& S are too expensive then I wouldn’t have to keep going to Northfield. At least that is better than another LEISURE COMPLEX which is not needed.

  3. Didn’t Aldi put in another re-submission to build a store a little further up the Bristol Road next to the Mcdonald’s drive-thru a year or so ago?

    Don’t see much point in having another discount supermarket over in Longbridge if the Aldi one on the Bristol Road might get the approved as well.

    I have said it before, but he entire Longbridge Town “vision” is turning into an oh-so-predictable & disappointing reality, regardless of how St Modwen try to spin it.

  4. Terrible idea the Longbridge community doesn’t need another supermarket. The area should of being used for desperately need leisure facilities.


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