City’s park users urged to take care of local green spaces as they enjoy the sun


Users of Birmingham’s beautiful and diverse parks and country parks are being asked to take care of their local green spaces as the weather warms up.

A load of rubbish…

Visitors to Cannon Hill Park in Moseley were shocked to find its open green spaces strewn with a mass of litter this morning (Tuesday 8th May), following a warm and sunny Bank Holiday weekend.

One dog walker, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s a tip. I normally let my dog have a run on the grass but not today.”

A disgrace…

She added: “It’s a disgrace. Local parks should be loved and respected. There are two men having to clean the whole lot up. Been at it since 7 this morning and still nowhere near finished. Terrible for young children, dogs and wildlife.”

Birmingham born comedian, Joe Lycett, 29, was also horrified by the mess sun worshippers had left in the park.

He tweeted a selfie with the litter this morning, saying: “Hate to sound like your mother but if you enjoyed the beauty of Cannon Hill Park yesterday then the least you can do is respect it and the safety of the animals that live in it by putting your rubbish in a bin.”

Fires and BBQs in parks

Yesterday, rangers from Lickey Hills Country Park appealed to park users not to light fires or BBQs in the city’s parks, after having had to extinguish a camp fire which had been left alight.

They tweeted: “Please do not have fires or BBQ’s in the parks, we have just had to put 50 gallons of water onto what started as a  small camp fire that had been left on the hills to put it out.

“The ground is highly flammable here and fires go deep into the ground and spread. Not a great start.”

How was your local park looking this morning? Send us your photos



  1. I walked through three parks around the Cannon Hill area on Monday afternoon – it WAS a beautiful day! The litter in all the parks really upset me but I was struck by two things: 1) how few bins there were and 2) that they were all full. Most (not all) of the litter was around the bins – some in big piles. TWO PEOPLE clearing up Cannon Hill?! Was there no plan/forethought for what in hindsight is an obvious problem (I’ve only been back in Birmingham for a few months so maybe it happens every Bank Holiday/sunny day)? I’ve just come back from an Island where you pick litter up on the very rare occasions you see it. Of course it’s caused by people, and some people will never stop, but surely a (better) plan is needed – more places/ways to dispose, voluntary/community service litter pickers, awareness that certain places will be more prone to litter at certain times (did the run on Sunday leave a big mess behind? I didn’t see any). Any more (positive) ideas?


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