We Just Read…. Cat missing from Belgium found in South Birmingham:

A MOGGY who went missing from Belgium for over a year and turned up in South Birmingham has been reunited with its owners thanks to Cramar Cat Sanctuary in Hopwood.

The remarkable story began in May last year when Lucy climbed into a neighbour’s car in the Belgian city of Ghent.

When the car was parked up on the school run, Lucy climbed out and began her mysterious ten-month-long journey that ended with her arriving in Kings Norton, at Pilkington Automotive’s Eckersall Road site.

It is believed Lucy travelled on one of Pilkington’s lorries unnoticed on the 330-mile journey.

One worker at Pilkington got his daughter who works at Cramar to take Lucy to the rescue centre in a bid to find out where she came from.

A member of staff called her owners, Carine de Potter and Hugo Standaert, and, despite the language barrier, managed to inform them Lucy was safe and well – in Birmingham, England!

And by 8pm she was back at home in Belgium for the first time in a year.

A spokesperson for the Sanctuary said: “We were able to contact her owners and this proves that micro chipping works and we cannot emphasise enough that all cat owners should ensure that they do this.”

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