Birmingham born Film Production student has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to help make his final graduation film the best it can be. 
The gifted Daniel Sketchley, who’s a resident in the Bournville area, is a third year Film Production student at the University of Gloucestershire. There are no doubts that Daniel and his fellow students clearly have a bright future in the industry – but for now, they need your help.
The final graduation film entitled ‘GREEN’ – is described as a coming-of-age comedy short film and tells the story of how a son’s relationship with his father and brother is sent on a completely different trajectory.
The film synopsis:
Alfie, a naive 13-year-old, begins to take an interest in weed. He looks it up, asks his dad, Craig, about it, and eventually approaches his mysterious older brother, Max, about it, prompting Max to invite Alfie to try it for the first time. However, little does Alfie know that his father is behind this in an attempt to put him off it, and the dynamics in their family will never be the same again. Based on a true story involving the film’s director.
About the production, producer Daniel Sketchley said: “The film in no way promotes or glorifies drug use, but instead uses it as a catalyst for a character-driven story.”
Kickstarter campaign
The target for the kickstarter is set at £1250 and has 9 days to go – The money will go towards paying actors, travel, and festival submission.
There are various rewards offered for your support, however, knowing you’ve helped talented young individuals progress with there ambitions is probably enough. (If not, there’s a super cool Taxi Driver poster up for grabs!)
For more information about Daniel and the other filmmakers – The short film Green – How to back them – Please visit HERE
Previous work by the filmmakers


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