Meet Matthew Lambden from Northfield. 

27 year old Matthew was born and bred in Northfield. He attended Albert Bradbeer Primary and Bournville School where he always dreamt of working in the dance industry.

Matthew never gave up on his dream and is now a multi award winning choreographer and highly sought after educator, pushing boundaries in the world of dance.

He has even opened his very own dance studio in the centre of Birmingham – HEART WORK STUDIOS 

Matthew has choreographed some top performers and his workshops are sought after globally, having been requested to teach in Los Angeles multiple times.

His latest high point is being selected as one of four dance coaches preparing 2022 young dancers to showcase Birmingham to one billion viewers across the world as part of the Commonwealth Games handover ceremony on Sunday (15th April).

Matthew said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work on this amazing spectacle. A huge thank you to Rosie Kay for including me on this life changing event. I am forever grateful.

“To know that some of my choreography is blended into this seamless production that will be seen by 1/8th of the worlds population is both scary and unforgettably reassuring – I am beyond proud.

“It’s also been a joy to work with such an incredible group of powerhouse artists in the other dance leaders.”

And some words of inspiration from Matthew: “For every person that ever tells you no – smile! Use that as Gasoline to light your fire of excellence and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.”

You can watch the handover ceremony live on BBC2 at 11am on Sunday 14th April 2018. 



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