On Thursday 3rd May, all 101 seats across Birmingham City Council’s 69 new wards will be up for grabs in an all-out local election.

Here we answer some questions about the ward changes and voting.

Why did the wards have to change? 

The government asked the Boundary Commission to review the structure of wards across Birmingham.

The Boundary Commission had to look at how best to split the city into wards which meant each councillor represented a similar number of residents, while maintaining community identities as much as possible.

The Commission carried out an extensive public consultation and, in 2016, the new wards were decided.

Will each ward still have 3 councillors?

Previously, Birmingham was split in to 40 wards, with each having 3 councillors – 120 in total.

The boundary change has split the city into smaller wards – 69 of them.

Of these, 37 will have just one councillor and 32 will have two councillors – depending on their population size.

This means there will be 19 less councillors on the city council.

How often will there be an election?

Previously, elections were held in a four year cycle: each year one seat would be up for election, with no local election being held every fourth year.

Going forwards, all-out local elections in Birmingham will take place every four years.

Has my polling station changed?

As part of the boundary review, the Boundary Commission looked at the location of polling stations within new ward boundaries.

So your polling station may have changed. Enter your postcode below to check you new polling station:

How can I find out what ward I will be in?

To check what new ward you will be in, visit the WhoCanIVoteFor web page and enter your postcode to see your ward and candidates.

I’ve lost my polling card – can I still vote?

If you’re not registered for a postal vote and you’ve lost your polling card, you can still go to your polling station (checked on the link above) and vote on 3rd May. You just need to give your name and address.

My ward has changed – does this mean my address will change?

The ward you live in is different from your postal address. Wards are just the way areas are split for local government purposes. For example, some postal addresses in Northfield will be in the new Frankley Great Park ward.

Your address will remain the same.

I liked my old councillor: will I still be able to vote for the same one?

Because Birmingham’s ward structure has changed, any existing councillors and previous candidates that are standing in this election may now be putting themselves forward to serve a slightly different area.

This means your current councillors and candidates may now be standing in a neighbouring ward and you may have new faces in yours.

Who can I vote for?

If you live in South West Birmingham, click on your ward below to find your candidates.

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