Local Election 2018 | 500 Words: Steve Bedser – Labour – Allens Cross


As part of our 2018 Local Election coverage, we have contacted each candidate standing in 16 wards across South West Birmingham, asking them to contribute to this election’s ’500 Words’ series. 

Each candidate has been invited to describe themselves and their campaigns in their own words. Their submissions will be published – without editing – in the order that they are received. Should they be longer than 500 words, they will be cropped.

With the formation of new wards across the city, this is an all-out election, with every seat up for grabs. Some wards have one seat and some have two. Learn more about the ward changes and your candidates.

Our latest submission comes from Labour party candidate for Allens Cross ward: Steve Bedser

Some of you might recognise my name. I have represented part of Allens Cross before (the area around Trescott Road), prior to the last boundary change in 2004. I first got involved in politics in the Northfield area in 1992 and I have served in the Birmingham City Council Cabinet, looking after health, housing and adult social care.

I have lived in South Birmingham all of my adult life. I came here nearly 35 years ago as a student, met (and eventually married) a Brummie and have stayed here ever since. Birmingham has been good to me and I have tried to use the role of councillor to pay back some of the debt.

I am so proud of our city, but I am ambitious for more. Ambitious for our children, ambitious for hard working families, ambitious for our older relatives and ambitious for those at the bottom of the ladder, or those who have fallen off. I want to see a city where everybody gets a good start in life; a city where fair employment is the norm; a city where all of us enjoy the chance to live a long and independent life in own home.

And I am ambitious for Allens Cross.

  • I will defend our local schools from the vicious government cuts that are forcing governing bodies to make teachers and support staff redundant.
  • I will defend our local NHS, argue for more funding and resist any efforts to privatise services, which should remain free, when and where you need them.
  • I want to see the streets in our neighbourhood clean and tidy; making sure the bins are emptied properly and cracking down on litter and fly-tipping.
  • I will make sure the Police take action against antisocial behaviour and boy racers in our residential streets. And I will speak up for the Police to make sure that national government gives them the money to do the job.
  • I will campaign for more council homes in our area. Yes, council homes, not so called affordable homes; and I will fight to protect the rights of people living in poorly run private rented accommodation.
  • I pledge to continue using public transport and will use my voice to argue for improvements to local buses; making sure that the money available for transport investment doesn’t all get sucked up by HS2.
  • I will ensure the Council uses its powers to help create meaningful and rewarding employment for all; work that pays for a decent living and doesn’t just line the pockets of the few.

If you vote Labour on 3rd May, you will be voting for someone with a track record of experience, someone who knows how to make sure that your voice is heard, someone who knows how to get things done.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything else you want to know. I hope I can count on your support.

Steve Bedser

Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate

07989 965 610


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