Local Election 2018 | 500 Words: Olly Armstrong – Labour – Northfield


As part of our 2018 Local Election coverage, we have contacted each candidate standing in 16 wards across South West Birmingham, asking them to contribute to this election’s ’500 Words’ series. 

Each candidate has been invited to describe themselves and their campaigns in their own words. Their submissions will be published – without editing – in the order that they are received. Should they be longer than 500 words, they will be cropped.

With the formation of new wards across the city, this is an all-out election, with every seat up for grabs. Some wards have one seat and some have two. Learn more about the ward changes and your candidates.

Our latest submission comes from the Labour Party candidate for Northfield ward, where one seat is being decided: Olly Armstrong

Hi, I’m the Labour candidate for the Northfield ward in the upcoming local elections on Thursday 3rd May.

I grew up in the north east of England and came to the West Midlands to study 20 years ago. I stayed in the area and have lived in Northfield for 8 years with my wife, raising our young family. I live and work in Northfield, supporting families and communities across the area to connect and work together through arts and culture. It is this experience and belief in the power of connecting and supporting people that I will bring to being your councillor.

Northfield deserves a representative who tells the truth, who is forward thinking and future planning. A representative who will bring people together to build somewhere that people of all ages and backgrounds are proud to come from, live in and visit.

Northfield needs a representative who doesn’t just speak, but listens and then acts. With this in mind I have been out over the last few months, speaking with you, listening and responding to what you’ve said. I’ve worked to clear fly tipping, remove graffiti, arrange litter picks, report broken pavements, and set up and been part of community discussions on crime, safety and air quality. If you choose me as your councillor, this is what you can expect all year around.

In addition to this, I’m in ongoing conversations with residents and the council about the North Worcestershire golf course, Northfield leisure centre, and the Meadows and both St Laurence schools about traffic speed and parking. I’ve also been making plans with Northfield Library, not simply to keep it open, but to continue to maintain it as a hub at the heart of our community.

If you haven’t spoken to us on your doorstep, or received a little red “sorry I missed you” card, we will be around to your home in the next couple of weeks. We’ve already knocked on every door in Northfield, and are keen to chat to people who missed us first time around! If you can’t wait until then to speak with us, you can get in touch by phone, email or on Facebook and Twitter.

Look forward to speaking with you soon,

Olly Armstrong
There is a short video of why I’m standing as councillor here: https://youtu.be/9zQRFUcZR9Y

Find me at in Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/Olly4NorthfieldLabour/

Twitter @olly4northfield

Email: Olly4northfield@gmail.com
Call: 07977238184

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