Local Election 2018: Candidates: Quinton Ward


RESULT: (2 seats) Kate Booth and John Clancy – Labour

Bolton James Green Party 344
Booth Kate Labour and Co-operative Party 2332
Chandler Georgina Conservative Party Candidate 2206
Clancy John Michael Labour and Co-operative Party 2307
Garrett Julia Franceska Liberal Democrat 343
Okello Rachel Judith Conservative Party Candidate 1919
Walker Joanna Mary Liberal Democrat 146
Rejected Ballot Papers 7

Candidates for Quinton Ward

TWO candidates to be elected in the local government election 3rd May 2018

If candidates have submitted ‘500 Words’ you can access it by clicking on their name.

• James Bolton – Green Party
• Kate Booth – Labour and Co-operative Party
• Georgina Chandler – Conservative Party
• John Michael Clancy – Labour and Co-operative Party
• Julia Francesca Garrett – Liberal Democrat
• Rachel Judith Okello – Conservative Party
• Joanna Mary Walker – Liberal Democrat

Meet the candidates 2018

Because Birmingham’s ward structure has changed, any existing councillors and previous candidates that are standing in this election may now be putting themselves forward to serve a slightly different area.

To check what ward you are now in, visit the council’s Elections web page and enter your postcode in the box at the top of the page.

If you live in South West Birmingham, click on your ward below to find your candidates. As usual, we will be asking each candidate if they wish to send in ‘500 Words’ about themselves and why they deserve your vote. These will be linked in to the candidate lists as they come in.

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