Local Election 2018: Candidates: Frankley Great Park Ward


RESULT: Simon Morrall – Conservative

Cartwright Andrew Labour Party 904
Jerome Gerard Liberal Democrat 78
Morrall Simon The Conservative Party Candidate 1019
Rejected Ballot Papers 11
TOTAL 2012
Majority of 115

Candidates for Frankley Great Park Ward

ONE candidate to be elected in the local government election 3rd May 2018

If candidates have submitted ‘500 Words’ you can access it by clicking on their name.

Andrew Cartwright – Labour Party 500 Words
• Gerard Jerome – Liberal Democrat
• Simon Morrall – Conservative Party

Meet the candidates 2018

Because Birmingham’s ward structure has changed, any existing councillors and previous candidates that are standing in this election may now be putting themselves forward to serve a slightly different area.

To check what ward you are now in, visit the council’s Elections web page and enter your postcode in the box at the top of the page.

If you live in South West Birmingham, click on your ward below to find your candidates. As usual, we will be asking each candidate if they wish to send in ‘500 Words’ about themselves and why they deserve your vote. These will be linked in to the candidate lists as they come in.

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  1. Pleased for Simon, as he made some effort to canvas and meet the people.

    As for the other two- completely anonymous in terms of canvasing, posting flyers, or even making an effort to “meet and greet”

    One would have thought the Labour guy would have made a bigger effort considering the fiasco with the Labour council’s appalling management of the binmen strike last year; but clearly he either felt sufficiently confident not to make any extra effort, or he just didn’t care enough.

    • he might be great at meeting people,just a shame he couldn’t have made the effort to contribute to the ’500 Words’ series here. As it would have been interesting to see the views of my neighboring constituency’s Councillors

      • Indeed! Had he contributed a 500 word summary here, I could well have voted for him instead of Simon. But as it is, he didn’t and to be honest I had hardly heard of him these last 12 months, so just based my judgement on the best canvasser who wanted my vote.

        Whatever Andy’s reasoning for not doing a 500 word summary here, it may well have cost him sufficient votes to win the hotly contested seat.

        Better luck next time, Andy.

  2. Congratulations to Simon. He was a fantastic, passionate candidate and will be a great voice for Frankly Great Park as a councillor in the Council chamber.

  3. Look at the turnout – less than 25% and we wouldn’t have known there was an election but for B31 voices. Local ‘democracy’ has collapsed over the past 12 months – no regular ward meetings, working parties not set up, e-mails to the then Longbridge councillors not answered, whilst the area suffers serious problems.


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