Frankley school pupils safeguarded in school lockdown

No-one was injured and no weapons were seen


Pupils at a Frankley school were kept in classrooms this afternoon (Friday 20th April) to ensure their safety. Lockdown procedures were initiated due to concerns for a potential for an incident outside the school. However, thankfully, no-one was injured and no weapons were seen.

Parents wait for pupils to be released after school | Photo N Woodward

Pupils safeguarded against potential outside incident

A West Midlands Police spokesman said that officers had been called to Balaam Wood School at 11.25am after three males entered the reception asking to speak to a particular student by name. 

The spokesman said: “They were turned away and police were alerted amid concerns they may be hanging around nearby, intent on harming the student. It’s understood the school implemented its own lockdown procedures until police arrived.”

Armed officers ‘on standby’ but no weapons seen

Uniformed police attended the school for reassurance, while armed officers were on standby a short distance away, should the threat turn out to be genuine.

The spokesman reassured that: “…no weapons were seen, no-one was injured and there was no disturbance.”

‘School premises not compromised’

In a statement on the school website, headteacher Damian McGarvey wrote: “As you are aware, I took the decision today to put the school into a partial lockdown due to the potential for an incident to occur outside of school. At no point were any of our pupils in school at risk, the school premises were not at any point compromised.”

Pupils’ response ‘commendable’

Mr McGarvey went on to praise the pupils, whose behaviour he described as “impeccable”. He wrote: “The response of the pupils to a distressing situation was commendable, they conducted themselves in a calm and orderly manner.

“I would like to thank parents and carers for their words of support, praise and thanks, for the actions taken by the school to safeguard their children. A wonderful sign of the strength of the Balaam Wood Community.”




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