Candidates announced with all seats in new wards up for grabs in ‘all-out’ local election


Candidates for May’s local election have been announced this week (Monday 9th April), with all 101 seats across Birmingham City Council’s 69 new wards up for grabs.

New wards were decided in 2016 by the Boundary Commission following an extensive public consultation.

Previously, Birmingham was split in to 40 wards, with each having 3 councillors. In a four year cycle, each year one seat would be up for election, with no local election being held every fourth year.

Following the review, around half of the new wards will have just one councillor each, with the other larger wards having two councillors.

Going forwards, all-out local elections in Birmingham will take place every four years.

Meet your candidates 2018

Because Birmingham’s ward structure has changed, any existing councillors and previous candidates that are standing in this election may now be putting themselves forward to serve a slightly different area.

To check what ward you are now in, visit the council’s Elections web page and enter your postcode in the box at the top of the page.

If you live in South West Birmingham, click on your ward below to find your candidates. As usual, we will be asking each candidate if they wish to send in ‘500 Words’ about themselves and why they deserve your vote. These will be linked in to the candidate lists as they come in.

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