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Daily Archives: April 11, 2018

Planning sought for first units on West Works in hope of bringing more jobs...

A planning application has been submitted for four large business units on the site of the former West Works at Longbridge. The Regional Investment Site...

Local Election 2018: Candidates: Bournbrook and Selly Park Ward

RESULT: Labour and Labour wins - Brigid Jones & Karen McCarthy Calcutt Jake Liberal Democrat 476 Gillan Angus Fraser Conservative Party Candidate 411 Hardie Monica Catherine Conservative Party Candidate 423 Jones Brigid Labour and Co-operative...

Local Election 2018: Candidates: Bartley Green Ward

Results: Two seats - Bruce Lines & John Lines - Conservative Lines Bruce John Conservative Party Candidate 2627 Lines John Conservative Party Candidate 2626 Osborne David Liberal Democrat 113 Osborne Maureen Ada Liberal Democrat 110 Preston Paul Labour...

Local Election 2018: Candidates: Allen’s Cross Ward

RESULT - Eddie Freeman - Conservative Candidate Party Votes Beck Peter Charles Green Party 52 Bedser Steve Labour and Co-operative Party 974 Fielden Claire Alexandra Liberal Democrat 63 Freeman Eddie The Conservative Party 1023 Rodgers Dick Common Good 72 Rejected Ballot Papers 5 TOTAL 2189 This represents...