Ley Hill Park: progress as giant water main repaired!


A huge water main which burst in Ley Hill Park last month – destroying a pedestrian bridge and cutting through the park – has been repaired today (Thursday 22nd March). 

When the 43 inch water main – one of the larger mains leaving the nearby Frankley treatment works – ruptured on 27th February, Severn Trent quickly diverted the water supply away from the pipe, but not before a huge amount of water had leaked.

Water ripped through the bottom of Ley Hill Park – cutting away the land and a pedestrian footbridge – and flooded Merritt’s Brook Lane.

Downstream, Merritt’s Brook flooded in Manor Farm Park, the car park at the Cadbury’s plant in Bournville was flooded and the water level in Selly Park rose by over half a metre.

Merritt’s Brook Lane has remained closed since the rupture to allow water seeping at the hole to be pumped away into the sewer, preventing contamination of the ground with treated water over a long period.

The hole, the ruptured pipe and the repair

With the massive broken pipe having been cut away and replaced today, work to fill the hole will begin tomorrow. It is hoped that Merritt’s Brook Lane will open later in the day tomorrow (Friday 23rd March). 

Severn Trent’s Carl Flello apologised to local residents for the disruption caused.

He said: “Unfortunately the footbridge has been damaged and we are working with our land agents, Birmingham City parks and the Friends of Ley Hill to discuss timescales of full repair to the bridge and park.

“We have also discussed building in some additional scrambler barriers at the entrance to the bridge, […] to help future proof and make the park a safer place for all in the future.”

Thanks to Severn Trent, Graham Andrews, Joanne Jones and Jay Mason-Burns for images


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