A dead dog found in a suitcase by council workers clearing rubbish in a Hawkesley green space is believed to have died of natural causes. 

The RSPCA were called to parkland off Old Lime Gardens in Kings Norton, after workers sadly discovered the suitcase with a deceased dog inside on Monday (5th March).

An RSPCA inspector attended and examined the dog, which was found to be elderly and had no obvious signs of injury. The dog had no microchip or identification.

A spokesperson for the animal welfare charity said: “[…]this appears to be a concern over the method of disposal of dead dogs, rather than the circumstances in which they died.

“For those of us who love our pets and treat them as part of the family, it is difficult to understand how someone could dump the body of a dog in this way. It must have been very distressing for the council workers to make such an upsetting discovery.”

The spokesperson said that anyone concerned about an animal’s welfare should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

They said: “The RSPCA will always investigate any potential breaches of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 or any complaints where there is evidence to suggest that an animal has suffered from neglect or cruelty.”


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