Having been unable to secure tenants for a leisure complex in Longbridge town centre, Longbridge developers, St Modwen, have now submitted a planning application for a discount supermarket on the site.

Previously approved plans would have seen a cinema and gym on the site

Phase 3 of the Longbridge development saw planning permission granted in August last year for a leisure complex including a cinema, a gym and restaurants on land next to Smyths Toy Store.

However, a supporting statement with a new planning application for a discount supermarket on the same site states: “It has proven not to be possible to secure sufficient occupier interest to deliver that scheme. It has therefore become necessary to pursue an alternative approach for this site.”

The new Longbridge centre already has mid-range provision with a large Sainsbury’s supermarket on site, and a high end grocery provision as part of the Marks and Spencer superstore.

The proposals include 3,100 sq m store, with a retail sales area of up to 1,400 sq m, with associated parking as an extension of the existing surface car park.

No potential occupier has been identified at this stage.

Chris Newsome, Development Director at St. Modwen said: “As part of our ongoing regeneration plans in Longridge, St. Modwen has submitted an outline planning application that could welcome a popular discount food operator to Longbridge.

“We’re keen to explore our options and find the right fit for the town centre that reflects the current market position. The proposed plans would complement the existing offer in town centre, providing customers with a wider selection of shopping options.”

The full application and associated documents can be viewed on Birmingham City Council’s Planning Online website. Application number: 2018/01697/PA Comments can be left until 5th April 2018.


  1. Very disappointed. I guessed they were having problems as nothing much had happened for a while but of all things another supermarket! Surely they can think of a better option for the community. It will end up being more like a retail park than a high street.
    I can’t see which discount supermarket would take it. Aldi have applied for planning permission to build a large store a few hundred yards away near the McDonalds. Lidl and Aldi have an agreement that they don’t usually compete in the same area. The COOP isn’t exactly a discount supermarket.
    Think again please!

  2. Not very inspiring there’s already food retailers in the town centre and nearby, I’m hoping some restaurants can still be incorporated into the scheme and a high street clothes store also which would offer an alternative to M&S. Overall I want Longbridge to offer a quality mix of retail and leisure.

    • Precisely, we do need a mix of shops. A proposal for yet another supermarket is absolutely ridiculous. We are surrounded by food stores.

  3. Trying to convince that the supermarket is positioned differently in the market will be little comfort to sainsbury’s and it’s staff.
    Certainly lacking ambition for a centre of this type.

  4. Once again St. Modwen live up to their pathetic reputation of talking the talk, but failing dismally when it comes to walking the walk.

    I recall all their early bluster years and years ago during the preliminary planning stages for Longbridge, with all their big ideas to make the area unique, dynamic and of great benefit to the area and the city as a whole.

    They talked about business parks, they talked about high-tech parks, they talked about independent retail and entertainment area etc etc. But here we are in the real world and Longbridge is nothing more than yet another glorified retail park with all the usual suspects, and quite appalling traffic congestion problems.
    And now this pathetic compromise of yet another discount supermarket, that will compete directly with the new Aldi going up further along the Bristol Road.

    St. Modwen have all the originality of a wet tea bag.

  5. The area desperately needs some form of community centre or ‘village hall’ for everyone to use. I used to fund village halls back in the day when I worked with a major grant maker and the services they can potentially provide include cheap meeting rooms and space, cheap venue hire for weddings/birthdays/social events/fundraisers/farmers markets/community markets etc. Also they can provide keep fit classes for older people who can’t afford gyms, community gatherings, dances, tea parties, childcare/children events, skills training, night school/adult education, mother/baby events, yoga, dancing classes, tai chi, meditation … the list is absolutely endless. There are dozens, if not hundreds of charities and voluntary groups in the Longbridge, Northfield, Rubery and Rednal area with nowhere to hold outreach events and promote their services, hold fundraisers etc. Personally, if I’m not interested in drinking or eating or shopping there is quite literally nothing for me and many others in Longbridge town centre.

  6. A Primark would be great as there are no decent clothes shops and a Deichmann, again no decent shoe shops. This would benefit those on a low income and also taking into account the local Longbridge Retirement Village.

  7. Well there are plenty of gyms about, and a big enough cinema just up the road in Great Park. A budget supermarket like Aldi would bring more diversity of customers into the area. A Sports Direct, a decent furniture store or even a Currys store i think would all be welcome to the area. However with all these new homes being built and all these new shops, someone needs to make the roads bigger to get people in and out because Longbridge Lane just cant handle the current level of traffic and has become a no go zone.

  8. We do not need yet another supermarket, Longbridge is surrounded by food stores of varying prices. We need a choice of shops and probably not the same old stores you find in any other town centre. Can’t the developers try and encourage one or two more individual clothing retailers and I agree with others, a decent shoe shop would be very welcomed.

  9. We don’t need another supermarket store. A DIY store and more clothing shops like Next would be better.
    A bank like Halifax would also be beneficial to people.
    I can see this area becoming like Northfield high street with no decent shops

  10. Agree fully with Zola,
    We moved here to a modwen development so did my sister and daughter because of promises of an exiting development of shops,individual eating establishments,cinemas etc.
    Instead it’s going to be yet another retail park.
    I’ve still got the brochure….mis sold I’m thinking.

  11. I agree with Majjic Mouse. Every Village/town should have a community centre that as at the heart of the communal space. The youth centre on the opposite sided of the road and the Austin Sports and Social Club both do a great job. They provide some community services but Longbridge Lane does a great job in creating a barrier from the town centre. Plus, both are out side the ‘Welcome’ signs at the entrance to the town. ST Modwen are making fast money by selling land to a supermarket. They’ll argue jobs and money coming into the community but there isn’t a community if there’s nothing to hold the community together. And sadly shopping doesn’t do that. An Ice rink, snow dome or climbing centre and a Village Hall for theatre, cinema nights and concerts of all kinds are what Longbridge needs.

  12. we don’t want anything they keep trying to force on us, if birmingham can’t keep restaurants alive then how the heck can longbridge. we have a cinema and several gyms so do not need any more. sainsburys is cheap as most alternatives and there’s an aldi going in and a farmfoods in rubery so no need for yet another discount supermarket.

    what we are missing is a decent DIY shop.


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