The local community are invited to celebrate the heritage of the car industry in Longbridge alongside former factory workers and car enthusiasts, as the Cofton Park Pride of Longbridge gathering returns. 

This free annual event sees thousands of cars and visitors descend on Cofton Park, beside what remains of the once sprawling Longbridge car plant.

Longbridge through the years

Any vehicle with a Longbridge link is allowed on to the park itself – from historic early Austin models to iconic Minis, through 80s and 90s models like the Metro and Montego, the popular Rover 25 and 75, right through to present day MG Motor models, still designed at the Lowhill Lane design centre.

Locals can celebrate the legacy of the Longbridge factory, so vital to the area over the years. Longbridge car owners past and present can get together with like-minded enthusiasts and ex-workers can bump into old friends and have a catch up.

There are also community stalls, face painting and food and drink on site.

Celebrate heritage

Founder of Pride of Longbridge, Gemma Cartwright MBE, said: “Pride of Longbridge celebrates our great heritage whilst recognising the collapse. Many of the 2005 work force use this day to get together and share memories. Whilst the enthusiasts enjoy listening to the workers tell them the job that they did on their car with full pride in their voices.

“Every year we have local people attend, ex workers that use this day yearly to meet up with their friends and the enthusiasts that share their love for Longbridge made products.”

‘Welcome home’

Gemma said that the Pride of Longbridge is clear to see as the cars arrive ‘home’. She said: “When the cars come over the hill and start to arrive in Cofton Park it’s one of the best visions to see – in fact many stand in silence to enjoy the moment. It is a true rustic community event and it is breath taking when we see the cars all settled – the best way to say Welcome Home!

Event details: 

What: Pride of Longbridge 2018
Who: Free family event
When: 10am – 4pm Saturday 14th April 2018
Where: Cofton Park, Lowhill Lane, Longbridge B31 2BQ (Only cars with a Longbridge link will be allowed on to the park. On street parking is available around the park.)
Enquiries: If you have any questions about the day, email



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