The son (Darren) of an elderly woman from Northfield is warning local residents after his mother received a scam letter claiming she’d won £900,000.

The letter which claims to have been sent from the ‘International Postcode Online Lottery,’ said that the pensioner was the lucky winner of their ‘New Year Program’ held on 16/02/18 following a computer ballot – and urged her to collect the life changing prize by 30/04/18 or the entire sum would be “returned to the International Board of Internal Revenue as unclaimed”.

Darren wants to warn other local residents of the convincingly ‘official’ looking correspondence in a bid to stop others who might fall victim to the scam – “It’s an obvious scam as she has never entered any lotteries, but some unsuspecting pensioner might think it’s genuine and lose money” he said.

In an attempt to further its credibility, the letter also claims the draw was “promoted by European lottery, Loteria, El Gordo and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to promote the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.”

The letter also adds: “this information must be kept away from public to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program or fraudulent acts from criminal minded and unauthorized person(s).”

The scamming industry costs unsuspecting residents billions of pounds a year, if you have been the victim, or are concerned, please visit to Birmingham Trading Standards here for help and advice.


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