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Daily Archives: February 22, 2018

Supermarket energy drink ban for under 16s comes into effect from 5th March

A ban on the sale of energy drinks for under 16s will come into effect in all UK leading supermarkets from 5th March. Waitrose was...

#B31JustRead: West Midlands Safari Park: Visitors ‘shaken’ by lions on car

We Just Read.... West Midlands Safari Park: Visitors 'shaken' by lions on car: "Visitors to a safari park said they were left shaken when "aggravated"...

#B31JustRead Northfield teen died after taking drug in city nightclub

Following an inquest into the death of a 19 year old Birmingham City University student, a Birmingham coroner has ruled that his death was...

Ex-workers, enthusiasts and community invited to celebrate Pride of Longbridge

The local community are invited to celebrate the heritage of the car industry in Longbridge alongside former factory workers and car enthusiasts, as the...