Network Rail have vowed to make good damage to a popular stretch of park land in Longbridge, once works they are carrying out close to the station have been completed. 

Residents had reported damage to grassed areas of “Daffodil Park” which runs alongside the River Rea and National Cycle Route 5, off Tessall Lane two weeks ago.

The company, in liaison with Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency, have been carrying out emergency repair works to the culvert on the River Rea, to prevent the river from impacting on the railway. It is understood they have also been carrying out general tree maintenance.

With the park land being the only way for contractors to access and carry out the works, over the weeks the damage has worsened.

Contractors have now fenced off a large portion of the grassed area to maintain the safety of members of the public.

However, the company have promised to restore the area as soon as possible once works are complete.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “We are carrying out work to protect the railway from the impact of the River Rea and the grassed area is the only way we are able to access the site.

“We are working closely with the local authority and once finished, we will make good the damaged area as soon as possible. We thank local people for their patience during this essential work.”

Carmel Corrigan – Labour candidate for newly formed Longbridge & West Heath ward in May’s local elections – has spoken to Network Rail about the issue. She said: “Brett O’Reilly, Olly Armstrong and I are appalled at the state that Daffodil Park has been left in following the work to secure the river bank alongside the railway track.

“We are in contact with Network Rail to ensure that the park is restored to its original condition so that local residents and their families can continue to use it and will be working with Network Rail, and local residents, to make sure that all necessary works are carried out as soon as possible.”

[Thanks to Bev Cochrane, Pat Hughes & Andy Hewitt]


  1. This doesn’t actually tell you what the company’s going to do to put it right. The area needs proper drainage put in to keep the water level under the grass down about, returfing and trees put back. But whatever they do, those beautiful trees are gone forever and I’ll never see the new trees reach maturity.x


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