Local residents from across the generations are working together to improve road safety close to a Frankley school.

The project was born when a young lad was seriously injured in an accident on Ormond Road, close to Reaside Academy, in August last year. The 12 year old was a former pupil at the school and many of his friends were upset and worried.

The school invited local Councillor Andy Cartwright (Longbridge, Labour) to visit and talk to the children about road safety, speeding and traffic calming, and the positive actions they could take to help to keep their community safe.

Pupils were invited to the council house to have a debate about speeding and took part in a ‘My Area’ workshop.

The children continued their work, looking at ideas for improving safety and challenging speeding in the streets of Frankley, especially around their school.

Discussing ideas

Now, steered by Cllr Cartwright, the school have linked with New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council (NFiBPC) to exchange concerns and ideas for a road safety campaign around Frankley’s schools.

NFiBPC Councillor Sid Grey said: “Part of the students proposals is the 20 is Plenty campaign. The students have put in a great amount of effort looking at the pros and cons of this campaign, and have ask the Parish Council to consider making a grant to take this work forward.

“The Parish Councillors have in the meantime been looking into the road layout on Ormond Road and will through City Councillor Andy Cartwright work to make changes to make 20 is plenty work.”

Aside from speeding, another issue identified by the youngsters – like  most schools – is dangerous parking outside the school at pick up and drop off times. Cllr Grey said that the pupils were going to talk to parents about the risks.

Cllr Cartwright said: “It is important for parents to look at parking through their child’s eyes and work together.”

One pupil said: “It is important for us to think of others and adults to see the dangers they are causing from dangerous parking.”

Cllr Grey said that children suggested that another idea is for parents to use the car park by the nearby Reaside Centre instead of parking on the road.

Working together

Cllr Cartwright thanked the parish council and Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch for supporting the children to develop a campaign plan led by the youngsters themselves.

He said: “As Ward Chair I will ensure they are listened to and actions happen. It is an honour supporting their initiatives.”

Cllr Cartwright and Reaside Academy are also organising a Safety in Frankley day which will be open to all in the community.

Cover image: Cllr Cartwright with members of Reaside Eco Warriors and New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council


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