Birmingham City Council’s planning committee has today (Thursday 18th January) approved an application from developers for permission to demolish the clubhouse building on the site of a former Northfield golf club.

A controversial planning application to build 950 homes on the site was refused by city planners in August – an earlier application had already been withdrawn at the eleventh hour, before appearing before the committee for discussion. Just 3 weeks later, on 28th September 2017, the former club house was targeted by arsonists, destroying the roof and around 30% of the top floor of the building.

One condition of the demolition is the provision of bat boxes – in case any bats remain from previous 2 roosts damaged in the arson.

While the previous applications for development had seen many local residents and politicians send their thoughts to the council, only one submission from a resident was received by BCC in relation to the application for permission to demolish the building.

It is expected that developers Bloor Homes will either appeal to the government’s planning directorate against the council’s decision not to allow a housing development at the site, or submit a new, amended application.

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  1. Well there’s a convenient surprise!

    What are the odds approval will be given to demolish the old Cock Pub that was also damaged by arson a few months back, and has been targeted by developers for a good couple of years!


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