When access to the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre in Frankley Green became cut off for due to wintery weather this past week, dedicated members of staff went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the 119 animals in their care were looked after – and enjoyed the snow!

The centre, based on the site of an old farm, is only accessed by country lanes which became inaccessible to most vehicles due to heavy snow and ice which began on Friday (8th December).

Some staff stayed – unprepared – overnight to help out and to be ready for work the next morning. Others trekked to work through deep snow, ice and bitter winds – some walking as far as 2 miles in the Arctic conditions.

Staff went in to work early to make the centre as safe as possible to work in, clearing access by hand and machine; exercise dogs, provide enrichment activities and make sure the animals had clean, warm bedding.

Centre manager Deborah Caffull praised her dedicated and passionate staff. She said: “Even with all the extra work. I still saw smiles on all their faces – and it was obvious the dogs appreciated it too!

“Overall there was minimal impact on the animal’s daily routine and that was all down to the team and there pure dedication to make sure the work was carried out.

“This just goes to show how truly passionate RSPCA staff are about animal welfare.”

Well done, all!

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To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit their website.


  1. What a lovely gesture and something we should all applaud. Bravo to the dedicated team: you have my full respect and love for being so caring.


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