Consultation on changes to South Birmingham bus services


National Express West Midlands is asking bus users in Birmingham to put forward their views on changes to routes in the south of the city.

In July this year, 5,000 customers participated in consultation back in July, identifying frequency, journey times and price as priorities for passengers.

Now the operator is asking passengers to take part in a further survey to help them finalise how bus services will change next year.

National Express WM are looking at ways to improve their service as traffic congestion is slowing the network down, and they say they want to make sure the network is enabling the journeys that current and new customers want.

Managing Director Tom Stables thanked the thousands who took part in the consultation in the summer, enabling their planning team to draw up options for future services. He said they would now like to see passengers fill in a further consultation to see which options people think are best.

He said: “Traffic congestion is a serious issue for our customers. It slows down their journeys to work, education, healthcare and leisure opportunities.

“And our network needs to respond to the ever-changing nature of this region. New housing, employment and changes to where people want to go means we need to react to – and predict – new travel needs.”

National Express West Midlands says it is also working closely with Transport for West Midlands and Birmingham City Council to overcome delays caused by increasing traffic. The three organisations are collaborating on modifications such as tweaking traffic light phasing, enforcing bus lanes and introducing some new bus lanes at congestion hotspots.

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  1. Please can you leave the bus services alone in Bartley Green, the, 22, 23, and the X64, there are a lot of people that get these buses, especially the 22, the 22 goes down jiggins lane, and into harbourne, its a fantastic service, I’m partly disabled, plus also a lot of pensioners use the 22, who go out to harbourne, the government are trying to get people to use more buses, plus not everyone drives. Please these bus routes allow


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